The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

Chiclets and Terry talk again, and Terry plays good guy by telling her that there's no pressure on her, that he understands, that she should take him if she thinks that's better, and that she should take Aras if she thinks that's better. He does not mean this, as you will learn later.

Tribal council. The final three are seated, and the jury comes in. Jeff says that he wants to talk about the F3 challenge, and about Chiclets beating "the two big dogs." He asks Chiclets how it feels, and she says it was "an honor" to win that challenge, but she also says that it's an extremely difficult decision. I think some of the difficulty is coming from the fact that however she runs the math, she still loses, and she wants there to be a way she can win, but there probably isn't one. I mean, if she takes Terry, she has zero chance. Sally, Austin, Cirie, Aras -- and remember, Courtney and Shane hate her, too. She probably loses that vote 6-1 if she can get Bruce's vote; 7-0 if she can't. Against Aras, she's still not getting Shane or Courtney, and Terry wouldn't vote for her after she betrayed him, and Austin and Sally will do what Terry tells them to do, and Cirie would vote for Aras in a heartbeat, because she loves him. So there's good cause to believe she can't get more than one vote against either of these guys. No wonder it feels uncomfortable. She hopes that both Aras and Terry won't hate her.

Jeff asks Terry about playing as competitively as possible, and he asks whether he can respect Chiclets's position. Instead of answering that question, Terry, for some reason, wanders back into a master's thesis on his own awesomeness and the way that he had the hidden idol and everything -- I guess he just wanted to get that in there, and Jeff does him the favor of stepping in to confirm that Terry had it, which Terry is only too happy to underscore. Terry says that he can separate himself from the game, and this is "number-crunching," and Chiclets has to decide what to do. You will later learn, of course, that he doesn't mean this.

Jeff asks Aras what he said to Chiclets about her decision this afternoon. Aras tells Jeff how he thought he and Chiclets were good, and he's told her that he thinks they have the best shot against each other. Jeff asks Chiclets whether it gets more complicated for her as time goes on, and she says yes, and that she feels like crying. She can't stop thinking! Thinking, thinking, thinking! So now, it is time for Chiclets to cast her vote. She walks to the voting stand. She scratches her head. Still thinking! She votes. Jeff will now "go get the vote." Jeff opens it. Chiclets has voted out...Terry. Which she has spelled "Terri." He hugs her and he hugs Aras, and the longest-lasting contestant to do not one single strategic thing correctly throughout the entire game is gone. So at long last, Terry is snuffed. Thank freaking God. Jeff congratulates the very obnoxious F2, and he sends them back to camp for their last night. Terry's goodbye speech says that his mistake was "not keeping the game in [his] own hands" and "relying on somebody else." In other words, losing was his mistake. Dammit, why didn't he decide to win instead? Dammit! He says that his performance was "not bad for a forty-six-year-old guy." And then he assures us that he's "not a perfect guy," just in case that's what we were thinking. Because he can certainly understand how that's what we might be thinking.

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