The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

Back at camp on Night 38, Aras notes that the two youngest people are in F2. "Youngest, but smartest," Chiclets says terrifyingly. Aras, for his part, can positively smell the money, and he tells Chiclets how excited he is. She asks him whether he thinks the jury was shocked about her booting Terry, and Aras tells her that he doesn't think so. And then Aras says that he played with integrity, which I hate. (Not integrity; the comment.) Aras tells her that they can just chill out, and Chiclets voices over that she brought him because he's part of the former tribe, and she thought it "would have been a slap in everybody's face." She says that Aras was her "gut choice." I hope not, because it's actually also the intelligent choice, and I hope that's why she did it. Chiclets tells us that she's "still not satisfied," and she hopes that as a salesperson, she can persuade the jury to give her the money. Probably!

Gitanos. Day 39. Aras and Chiclets head into the woods, and they find an elaborate set of breakfast fixings. There's milk, orange juice, champagne, pancake mix, eggs, and so forth. Everything you need for the breakfast that will make you drunk and logy during the final jury discussion. The two of them go back to camp and make eggs and pancakes. They have mimosas and decide to go for a walk out on...the rocks. Dun-dun-dun! As they walk, we see Aras slip on a rock, champagne glass breaking in his hand as he goes down. When he hops back up in great pain, he's clutching his back. He pulls out a piece of glass, then collapses on his stomach on a stretch of sand, talking about how much it hurts. Chiclets comments that it might require stitches. "I sliced it," he says. She looks at a nasty cut on his back, and he has a bad one on his hand, as well. He tells us that he's been out on the rocks a hundred times, and for some reason, this time, he just went down. I don't suppose it could be the champagne. Too obvious? The two of them try to get up, but Aras isn't walking very well. Chiclets takes his arm as they go back to camp. She says that as they were walking, Aras was saying that he felt faint. Chiclets applies pressure to his back and hand with a towel as they wait for the medical staff. When the doctors show up, they take a look at the cuts. Aras explains to the doctors about the piece of glass that he pulled out himself, and he tells them that he doesn't want any painkillers that are going to make him incoherent at tribal council. "Drug him up," Chiclets teases, and Aras laughs. The doctors say that they're going to have to stitch his back and his hand. Chiclets fans herself and winces as they do the stitches. She says that she tried to watch, but it looked too painful. That would totally be me, because I don't want to watch people get shots. She says that he had three stitches in his finger, four stitches in the palm of his hand (I bet that sucks, convenience-wise), and a stitch in his back. "He got stitched up pretty nice," Chiclets says.

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