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Last week on Survivor: Alicia and her abdomen were sent packing.

This week on Survivor, we have clips you've never seen before! Unless you saw them before. When they aired the first time. We also have clips you won't believe! Unless you believe them because you already saw them. When they aired the first time. And here we have highlights which we've all obviously seen before, because why would they save real highlights for a last-minute "special" clips-show ratings grab? In any case, with all these never-before-seen clips and unbelievable clips and highlight clips, I won't be bothering to recap as usual. Because, although the Survivor editors love to repeat themselves, I don't. If you want to know what happened in the first eight episodes, go back and read the recaps. If you want to know about the never-before-seen clips and the entirely believable unbelievable clips included in this "special," read on.

The first new clip we see is in the pre-credit introduction: Jerri warbling, "I've been a bad, bad girl." I won't say much about that now, since we'll see it again later. They even find a way to beat the new clips into the ground.

There's nothing unbelievable here, and there's nothing never-before-seen, either, in the first ten minutes of the show. Nor, to my estimation, is there anything worthy of being called a highlight. All this sequence does, repeating everything we saw the first week about the separating of the tribes and the new camp, is remind me how little I miss Debb.

But brace yourselves -- because there's a fresh clip on the unnaturally racing horizon. We see lots of never-before-seen and unbelievable shots of Colby snoring while various Ogakor members toss and turn in discomfort. Jerri is wide-awake because Satan doesn't need sleep. Keith, Mad Dog, and someone unidentifiable huddle together and look distraught. Mad Dog asks if anybody has gotten any sleep, and Keith answers, "Colby." Hee. Keith then jokes that they've added a new sound to the Outback and that "all these critters are goin', 'What the hell is that animal?'" We get more never-before-seen clips of Ogakor discussing Colby's snoring and looking disbelieving about it. After all, it isunbelievable. Suddenly Colby appears outside the tent with the others. Did they wake him up? We'll never know. Colby is surprised that he snores, and says that it might explain why he doesn't have a girlfriend. Jerri responds, "I hate to say it but you're probably right." And we all know she's ready and willing to help him out with that.

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