The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

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And right on top of the amazing revelation that Colby snores we get -- suspend your disbelief here -- some more new clips! Mitchell, who I'm also reminded how little I miss, tells us he's waiting for "Kelly to pull his stuff together." When Mitchell voted for Kel, he wrote down "Kelly." At the time I thought he was mocking his teammate, but that credits Mitchell with having a personality. In any case, I find out here that either "Kelly" is Kel's nickname, or Mitchell really believes it's Kel's name. Anyway, Mitchell is annoyed to be waiting for "Kelly." I'm annoyed to be watching Mitchell waiting for Kelly. Mitchell says Kel might "tell [him] some things that might be useful to any strategies [they] have planned." He then tells us that if they're going to vote anybody off at this point, it will be "Kelly." Sadly, we have no way of knowing at what point this is. While they're out fishing together, Mitchell probes Kel for information about whether he's heard of any allegiances among Ogakor members. Kel asks Mitchell if he doesn't think it's too early for that. Mitchell fumbles with his answer and Kel points out that obviously Mitchell has thought about alliances since he asked the question in the first place. Mitchell gets increasingly defensive and says, "We're gonna have to," while looking guilty. I'd like to play poker with Mitchell. Well, actually, I wouldn't like to play poker with Mitchell. But I would like to play poker with someone with a personality with so poor a poker face as Mitchell. In a confessional, Kel self-righteously tells us, "You don't ever learn anything through talking," and says that he's listening to the others instead. We then see Kel ask Mitchell whom he thinks is the weakest, and Mitchell says Maralyn. He then adds that he may just vote the strongest person off. As much as it pains me to do so, I have to give Mitchell some credit for not lying to Kel' face.

Amidst some before-seen fire-making clips, Kimmi informs us that, "You just can't say to people, 'You're a jerk-off. Shut up.'" I don't think we heard this in the first episode, and I don't feel like checking my tapes to be certain. It doesn't hurt to hear it twice because it's funny. Jerri invokes the devil with more bongo beating. I never though I'd have to see that again. Then there's all this before-seen fire-making stuff followed by some before-seen challenge clips. We do learn that after Ogakor won, they went back to camp and busted open a can of food. They're already opening cans on the second day? Keith planned to make vegetable paella until Jerri shat on all his chef dreams. There's some new shots of tribe members sitting around complaining about how much the rice sucks and Jerri laughing about it. I'm so glad I got to see those clips -- they've altered my entire Survivor experience. Colby then says the rice went over "like a piglet in a punchbowl," which is my new favorite expression.

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