The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

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As Kucha endures its first Tribal Council, some new voting comments are revealed. I wish they would just show us all the voting clips since it's after the fact now and wouldn't matter. But obviously that's asking too much. While voting off Debb, Alicia says that she's difficult to deal with in a group situation because she's "very set in her ways" and she "doesn't like to be second guessed." Who does? Second guess Alicia and she'll promise to always wave her finger in your face. When Nick votes he says that Rodger would be the smarter move, but that Debb is an outsider among the tribe, and that that's just as important. I'm with Nick on that one. We've already heard Kimmi say that Debb's just not what she needs. But it's worth repeating. So it's bye-bye Debb, and see you at the reunion! (But hopefully not before that, and then, hopefully, never again.)

After a few before-seen clips about Rodger's inability to swim and the cliff challenge, we -- surprise of all surprises -- get some more new stuff. At the Kucha camp, Rodger tells the others, "For five quarts o' beans, I'd have jumped off there again...I think." He then says that after they lost the "award challenge" they found rapids near their camp. Alicia tells us they're really excited about their "Kucha jacuzzi." Except she could have said, "Kuchacuzzi," which would have been more clever. As the cheerful Caribbean music starts tinkering, Elisabeth tells us that "all the workaholics in [their] group relaxed." While the Kucha young'uns frolic around and act like they're Pagong, Kimmi yells for Rodger to join them. As he wades in, he says the water is cold and looks very uncomfortable. I know that if I couldn't swim, laying in rapids wouldn't be very pleasurable, but he makes a go of it. Alicia grabs his upper thigh; I don't think it is any kind of sexual advance on her part. Kimmi tells us in a confessional that Kentucky Joe proved himself by jumping and that it was "a greater triumph than two blankets." Rodger then starts a-hootin' and a-hollerin' that he's "losin' [his] trunks!" Mike yells, "Who woulda thought Rodger would've been the first one naked?" In a confessional Mike then tells us that there's a fine line between being "a physical weak link and, uh, one of the strongest moral builders." He says everyone gathers around Rodger as a father figure and that he's trying to figure out how important that is to his own survival. We then see Rodger gump that he could sleep out in the waterfall, followed by a confessional in which he tells us that he's been playing along with the Kentucky Joe / farm boy / school teacher / dirt boy persona. Except he probably doesn't say "dirt boy;" it just sounds like he does. Rodger tells us he thinks he needs to interact more with the others and that he's "here for the duration if that works out."

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