The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

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On Day 5, Peachy tells us, "A storm brewed at Ogakor in the form of a blue bikini." And then we go through the Keith cooking incident. And the beef jerky debacle. It's all the same quotes, and all the same comments. Lamber, Jerri, and Tina still rifle through his bag; Keith still apologizes for no good reason; and Jerri still refuses to say she's sorry when Maralyn suggests that she should. But -- new clip alert! New clip alert! Kel tells us in a confessional that he learned on a fishing trip with Keith and Tina that his teammates went through his bag in search of the "magical beef jerky." Kel is upset that no one personally approached him about the problem. Although I believe he's innocent of the beef jerky crime, he's awfully defensive, which makes him seem guilty. I guess I'd be pretty defensive if I was accused of smuggling beef jerky on national television. Kel says he couldn't have carried the beef jerky in his pack the entire time, or had beef jerky after he was swimming. Maralyn's wearing what I think is a nicotine-patch on her arm. Those advertisers will do anything. Keith then lectures to Kel about getting along with people and says he's already had his own "stress points" with Jerri. He keeps saying "cohabitat" instead of "cohabitate." Hee. Kel says the others "have to understand that, you know, I'm a captain in the U.S. Army." He's upset that his integrity has been challenged over beef jerky. He then asks Keith if he can finish when Keith attempts to interject -- lashing out at your only potential allies doesn't quite seem the way of diplomacy. Kel then calls himself "simple" and says he's not "the life of the party." He suggests that the others don't like him because he's not as talkative as they are. He keeps calling Keith and Tina and the rest of Ogakor "you guys," which is one of my pet peeves. Maralyn then says that the others got caught up in "the beef jerky frenzy." She says he was incredibly controlled about the incident and that, "Had it been me...hey, I probably woulda torn the whole camp down!" She growls that more so than actually saying it. If it weren't for the terrible Ogakor team, we'd still be getting comments like this every week. Maralyn tells Kel that he is a valuable member of the tribe and Keith enthusiastically agrees. Maralyn tells Kel that they don't want this situation to "rub him the wrong way." But how will a unanimous vote against him rub? Kel then calls himself captain again. Do you think Kel's a captain in the U.S. Army? Because I haven't quite gotten that. He wants to know why the others think he'd ruin his career AS A CAPTAIN over a piece of beef jerky.

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