The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

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Kel then tells us in a confessional that either the others don't like him or they want to sabotage his character. Or maybe it's because he got caught sneaking off to masturbate in some bushes. In any case, Kel's done a pretty decent job of sabotaging his own character with his excessive self-aggrandizement, apparently, on the talk show circuit. He tells us he won't bring up the issue again because he's more interested in developing a solid team. But we know he won't have the chance to bring up the issue again.

It's Day 6 and that means it's time to see Kimmi's black, mangrove-worm-crud-covered tongue again! Both seasons of Survivor have featured cast members with exceptionally long (and forked, in one case) tongues. Just something to think about. Tina's inability to eat bugs sends Ogakor to Tribal Council where Peachy summarizes that Kel couldn't "overcome the stigma of being the loner, and accused beef jerky smuggler." Hee. We again see some votes we didn't see last time: Jerri tells Kel, "You made it too easy to cast this vote too early in the game." Tina says she's sure he's a good "military person," but that he made the least effort to fit in. Colby votes and says, "Thanks for playing. We have some nice parting gifts for ya." As I said before: hee.

Oh no! My ears! My eyes! My soul! With absolutely no warning at all, night-vision Jerri is suddenly shown attempting to sing "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. Lamber covers her eyes; Mitchell looks starstruck, but why isn't he singing too? Keith just looks perplexed. They all clap when she finishes and Tina says, "Fiona Apple's hard to sing!" and since no one says it was good, that's just a polite way of saying she sucked. I do agree, in any case, that it's a tune best saved for the shower and not for national television.

It's now time for a never-before-seen and completely useless clip. It's Day 7. Michael pokes around in the Kucha fire as the Kuchas cutely spoon in their sleep. Mike talks about bringing in fish for his team. I'm so glad I saw that because it explains so very much.

On Day 8 it's backstabbing time at Ogakor. I'm sure it's painful for Mad Dog to relive and since there's a chance she's out there somewhere reading this recap, I won't put her through it again. I still want to know what promise Tina made that was worth betraying someone who called her a constellation. New votes this time around include Mitchell saying, "It kills me to do this to you, but it's difficult to watch you get all scraped up in those challenges," and Jerri proclaiming that "fireside concerts" won't be the same without her. Colby tells Maralyn the last nine days had taken their physical and emotional toll, and then Maralyn heads home to the company of people who actually respect, admire, and appreciate her.

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