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When Barramundi votes for the first time as a tribe, we see that Jerri said, "We learned early on in the game that you had one vote against you previously," as she voted for Jeff. After two tiebreakers lead to Jeff's departure, Peachy says that Debb's vote for Jeff "came back to haunt him." Better Debb's vote than Debb herself.

The rest of the episode was barely exciting the first time we saw it. We do learn that, as Keith voted against Alicia during the second Barramundi challenge, he said, "This is just strictly part of the game and it's part of our process." The use of the word "process" suggests to me that the Ogakor alliance isn't breaking up any time soon, at least not by an act of Keith. After explaining that the ejected Alicia will return as the first member of the jury, Peachy tries to get us excited by claming that, "Old tribal loyalties are now less important than the good will of this new jury." Even so, prepare yourselves to bid adieu to Nick, Elisabeth, and Rodger in the upcoming weeks, and for the scathing (and in one case tear-filled) recaps that will follow.

Next week on Survivor: it's all new! Whew! Because I couldn't sit through another one of these clips shows.

During the credits, we see an isolated funny moment, like they do on Bunim-Murray shows. While Jeff watches, Kimmi and Alicia chase something in the water with a little bucket and scream to, "Get it! Get it! You got it! You got it!" They catch a prawn but I think they say frog and get all grossed out. And then I realize they said prawn but it's a moot point because whatever they caught gets away.

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