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"Don't Make Me Throw Up On Your Face"

Back at Foa Foa, Li'l Russell finds a papaya and eats it without telling anyone else because he's just that evil. Nevermind the fact that I'm pretty sure this happens on every single season. Li'l Russell is very proud of himself for not providing for his tribe, which by the way went on to lose most of the immunity and reward challenges possibly due to a lack of papayas. He says that anyone can find these papayas and his tribe is stupid not to look. And then he says that if anyone does find his papaya spot he'll vote him or her out. So I guess you're stupid for not finding the papaya spot and you're stupid for finding it and incurring the wrath of Li'l Russell. Okay.

Guess what? Li'l Russell isn't so special. Erik found a bunch of papayas, too, and he's not going to share them with his tribe. Oh, and there are Laura and Monica, also eating a secret papaya. Back at Galu, Mick, Ashley, Betsy, and Jeffrey Tambor share a secret papaya and vow not to tell anyone else about it. In a particularly humorous shot, Erik manages to carry the entire papaya tree back to camp with him. "I'm not sharing!" he sings on his way out.

Galu wins flint and gets to work starting a fire. Shambo insists on doing it, claiming that she knows how and telling her tribemates to shut up when they offer advice. Yes, that's how to win friends. You're better off not starting a fire and being nice than starting one and telling everyone to shut up. As it happens, Shambo tells everyone to shut up AND can't start a fire. She manages to start a small one, only for it to go out. Dave Ball watches, annoyed and trying to hold back from telling her off for trying to start a fire in an incorrect and stupid fashion. Finally, Shambo offers to let someone else try and Dave Ball says he'll "take a crack at it" if they let him be in charge of the fire the entire time he's on the show. This makes Shambo very angry, but she backs off and watches as Dave Ball digs a deep fire pit to protect the fire from the wind. Shambo says it's unnecessary and rolls her eyes. "Dave's just a complete and utter moron," she interviews, explaining that he won't let anyone help him with anything. You mean like when they tried to help Shambo with the fire and she told them to shut up? Guess what? Dave Ball builds a fire and is the Tribe Hero.

After the break, we're up to the challenge where everyone beat each other up. We all saw when Ben kicked Russell, but apparently there was a skirmish between John and Jaison as well. Galu had just won the challenge and John was sitting on Jaison. He gets up slowly, which Jaison did not appreciate. So he slaps John on the ass and says "get off of me!" Very macho, Jaison. He accuses John of kneeing him in the chest, which may well have happened but not in the footage we're shown. The tribes get together so Probst can award immunity to Galu and talk about how much Foa Foa sucks. But Jaison interrupts him, which delights Probst for some reason. He usually gets really angry when people do that. Jaison says that he is "coming for" John for elbowing him during the challenge. I thought John kneed him? Now it's an elbow? Meanwhile, John just smiles. He doesn't deny it. Meanwhile, Yasmin's expression when Jaison threatens John is classic. This isn't any of Shambo's business, but she speaks up to say that the competition was "beautiful" and "amazing" (as Erik rolls his eyes) except for the part where Jaison threatened John. Um, what about the part where Ben attacked Russell and had to be removed from the challenge? I guess that might qualify as "amazing," but not so much "beautiful." "Jaison, let's leave the blood on the battlefield. Nobody needs to get hurt," she says. Butt out, Shambo. Jaison is still pissed, so he tells her to say the same thing to John as various contestants warn Jaison to quiet down. In an interview, Jaison admits that he was out of line with what he said to John and that is somehow connected to the fact that his grandfather had the misfortune of growing up in KKK-ridden rural Mississippi but still managed to get a Ph.D from Stanford, all without complaining. So when Jaison acts out, he feels like he's letting his grandfather down. It sounds so mature and wise, but then you have to remember that Jaison is on a stupid reality show so that's probably not doing his grandfather's legacy any favors from the start. Jaison says he's out here to prove something and winning is the only way he can do that.

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