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"Don't Make Me Throw Up On Your Face"

After the break, we're at the tribe merge. Erik comes up with his plan to align the Galu men together and bring Shambo into the fold while telling her as little as possible. Dave Ball finds her playing with a fishing net in the middle of the woods. He appears to give the camera a sad look before approaching her. "What else is new?" she asks him. Dave Ball has no idea how to make and keep allies, so he goes with this response: "uh, I was told not to tell." He could have just said "nothing" or "I don't know" or "what have you heard?" but no. He played it the worst way possible. Nice one, Dave Ball. He follows that up with "is that gonna be okay? Are you gonna be mad at me?" Shambo says she's not mad, but she's also not seven and doesn't see why her allies are treating her like she is. Fair point, Shambo. I really don't get her. Sometimes she's cool and rational like right now, and then other times she's yelling at people for digging a fire pit and losing a snorkel. It makes no sense! "How could I make you feel better?" Dave Ball asks. Shambo just scoffs at him. "Give me a direct answer. Make your own decision, Dave. Whatever," she says. Completely reasonable. Dave Ball interviews that he'd like to get rid of Shambo now, but his alliance has to keep her around for a little while longer and "just deal with it." He says she's "dangerous" and "unpredictable." So the best way to handle someone like that is to make her completely aware of the fact that she isn't liked and is being strung along for votes and will be cut away at the first possible opportunity. In fact, let's further alienate her by saying that the fact that she's "upset like this" (said while she calmly detangles the fishing net showing no sign of upsetment) "makes people worry that you will flip out." Shambo admits that she's angry but says "wouldn't you be?" Yes, Dave Ball, you would. But you and your allies have pretty much decided there's no reason to see things from Shambo's perspective. And now you're going to lose. Shambo lists off her many faults (she's bossy and loses essential survival items), but points out that flipping out isn't one of them. "We're trying to take you deep into this game. We're concerned that you will accidentally say something. And I want you to relax and know that we're taking you way into this. And I don't want there to be any problems," Dave Ball says. Shambo might be thick and oblivious sometimes, but she can tell that Dave Ball is being a condescending twat, and says that she resents that the men think they're doing her a favor by allowing her to stay in the game. Dave Ball quickly apologizes and says what he said was "unfair," but the damage is done. "Fuck you guys," Shambo says. "All right, now, watch out!" Dave Ball says, still treating Shambo like she's seven; "I see your feelings." Dave Ball, it's your fault that Shambo is getting slightly angry, which she has every right to be. You're treating her like both a child and someone with a mental problem. He asks her for a hug so he can feel better about himself but Shambo says she's not really in the mood. "We're good," she tells him. But really, she interviews that she doesn't need the Galu men to further her position in this game. And amazingly enough, she was right.

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