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"Don't Make Me Throw Up On Your Face"

The next morning, it's Day 20 and Erik is doing morning exercises and having chicken-chasing flashbacks. Ass still hanging out of his pants, he stalks the chicken with his trusty bamboo stick. The chicken, whose name is Daisy, stands at a distance and clucks at him. "Don't mock me, chicken!" he says. "You've got to be smarter than the chicken, not stronger than the chicken," he tells himself. And with that, he sets up a chicken-catching device consisting of the fishing net (they managed to pry it out of Shambo's hands), which has been tied to the ground on all four corners with the center portion raised in the air by fishing line, forming a tent-like structure. Then they'll put chicken bait under the net and wait for Daisy to wander in, at which point the fishing line will be cut, thus dropping the net on Daisy and trapping her. The tribe seems dubious but help him set it up, and then Erik goes out to catch crabs. Of course, Daisy picks this moment to walk under the net. Shambo sees her. "Chicken!" she cries. She cuts the line and sure enough, the net falls on Daisy, who flaps around but cannot get free. Shambo grabs her while Kelly, Monica, and Natalie look on in awe. Shambo grabs the chicken by the neck and they all applaud for her. Hooray! Shambo managed to re-capture the chicken she lost after all! Again, why was this not shown to us? This stuff is great! Shambo puts Daisy back in her coop, where she promptly fights with the other chicken, who is apparently named "Neo." That night, Erik returns from crabbing and gets the news that Daisy has been caught. He is ecstatic and even hugs Shambo.

Later that same night while everyone else sleeps, Li'l Russell gets up and opens the door to the chicken coop in order to "create chaos," as he explains. You mean like the chaos he created at Foa Foa? There was hell to pay the next morning when Jaison idly wondered where his sock was and everyone was slightly annoyed to find the canteens empty. He doesn't even leave the door to the coop open, just unlocks it. Obviously that little plan didn't work since we never heard anything more about it and people were talking about eating the chickens days later so they couldn't have escaped. Li'l Russell then puts his immunity idol necklace on and walks around, staring at the sleeping tribemates like a big creepo. "I live on the edge," he explains. Oh yes, that sure is living on the edge. The fact is that it's totally dark out there so no one could see the idol necklace even if he did wake up. We can see it, but that's because we're watching night vision. Dave Ball wakes up and the two have a chat, Li'l Russell wearing the idol necklace the entire time and Dave Ball not aware of it because, again, he can't see. Also, he's too busy talking about himself to care about what Li'l Russell's doing. Li'l Russell claims that all Dave Ball had to do was "look at" the idol necklace around Li'l Russell's neck, so brazen is Li'l Russell with his display of it. Yeah, he'd have to look at it and the fucking sun would have to come up. And soon enough, Li'l Russell loses his nerve and we see him tucking the necklace under his shirt and buttoning it over it, then hiding it in his shorts pocket. Living on the edge.

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