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Banished! Stand Over There!

After more commercials, we rejoin Misty on EI on Night 1. She is enjoying the first night vision of the season, despite the crashing of thunder and lightning. In the morning, she explains to us that spending the night was her "worst nightmare." She's very thirsty, she's hungry, and there is a snake nearby. She also hopes that her tribemates are doing better than she is, or they're going to have trouble with the immunity challenge. She also tells us that she intends to imply to her team that she found the immunity idol on the island.

There are birds, and then we are at a challenge beach. Jeff welcomes the three tribes, and then he brings in Misty, who is back to her pretty much indifferent team. Jeff asks her how it was, and she says it was lonely. She also says that it "has its advantages." Jeff asks what those are, and she mentions the immunity idol. "So you spent a little time looking for it," he says. "Enough," she says in a way she intends to sound smug. Of course, I would hope that other people would realize that she might not be telling them the complete truth, given that this is not the most subtle acting performance I have ever seen. Of course, Courtney will want to go back and ask Mother Turtle before reaching any final conclusions.

Jeff brings the tribes back to the idea that immunity is power. And the immunity idol is also power, even though it looks like a gag gift from the world's worst office Christmas party. It has three heads, because three tribes will get immunity. Losing tribe goes out tonight to vote someone off. Jeff says that today's challenge is part physical and part mental. You can tell that Cirie's like, "Don't you have anything else? You know, besides those two things?" The tribes will start by swimming out and climbing over a wall. Then they'll reach a raft, and each tribe has to have someone swim down and detach its raft. Then they all paddle back to shore. Back on shore, they'll confront what Jeff calls a "brain-teaser," which is actually similar to the sorts of games they have on the tables of certain bars, where you untangle rope from around a post and you wind up freeing a ring. There's a diagram to help with the puzzle, but the diagram is buried in the sand. When the ring is untangled from the rope, you throw the ring until it catches on a hook you pull on to drop your flag, and then you're done. First three tribes to finish will win immunity; final tribe goes to tribal council.

Ready...go! I hate to say that the most noticeable thing about the early footage is that Cirie's bathing suit is most inadequate to support her, but it's true and it's sort of hard to miss. The older men and younger women are the first to free their rafts; the older women and younger men have trouble getting unclipped. On the way back, the younger women get a lead on the older men during the paddling, which is kind of surprising. Then the older women get their raft free, so it's the young studs dragging behind. Finally, the younger men get their raft free and start paddling back.

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