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Banished! Stand Over There!

Jeff screws Tina by asking if the others are pulling their weight. She says, "Not as much as I would like to [sic]," and we get a dramatic sound effect as Melinda's head whips around. Tina also says, though, that she doesn't want to push and find herself in even more of a leader role than she feels like she's already in. Asked for a response, Melinda insists that they're all doing things, not just Tina. Of course, the rest of them are doing more lying-around things, I guess, while Tina is doing more standing-up things and walking-around things.

So now, it's time for a vote. Melinda votes first. Cirie votes for Tina, saying, "We just didn't click." Ruth Marie votes. Tina votes for Cirie. "Your fear of leaves was my biggest factor," she says. Ha!

Jeff goes off to tally, and when he returns, predictably, there are three votes for Tina and one for Cirie. Because why would you have somebody who does well in challenges and at camp when you could have somebody who does well at neither challenges nor camp? These people are so stupid. Tina picks up her torch and goes over to be snuffed. She waves to her team, says "Have fun," and leaves. Jeff says to the older women that they're three days into a tough thing, and that they voted out the one person who had the ability to do anything: "It'll be interesting to see how it plays out." I think he believes he knows how it's going to play out.

In her exit, Tina says that voting her out was stupid, and that she hopes her team does horribly badly. Ha. I kind of think that's funny. I don't like falsely offered good wishes, and when you have every reason to think your team is stupid, I can't blame you for not exactly hoping they do well.

Next week: a twist. Shane gets weirder. There is a storm.

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