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Banished! Stand Over There!

So now, it's just the women, waiting for their runners to return. Jeff verifies that they're getting nervous. Glad he was on that. The tension builds until we switch back to the teams waiting for someone, and then out of the woods emerges...Ruth Marie. So the older women are saved, and the younger women are screwed. Danielle returns to her unhappy team, which is receiving no fire and now has to leave someone on Exile Island. Jeff throws flint to the three teams who are getting it. Danielle immediately offers to stay, since she lost the challenge, but the rest of the team members apparently conclude that even though she lost the challenge, she at least tried the challenge, so they shouldn't pick her. The other three decide on a single-elimination rock-paper-scissors tournament to decide who gets left behind. Ah, diplomacy. This is why it takes certain groups of women an hour and a half to order a pizza.

Long story short, the person being left behind is one Misty, who will not be alone on Exile Island, because she will have her cowboy hat for company. (Hey, I am running off to write that song. DON'T YOU DARE.) She is a missile engineer, it turns out, although apparently, she is not in particularly high demand if she can simply go off for a month and a half without any missiles unexpectedly going astray. I guess the missile industry and the pharmaceutical industry absorb the brunt of reality-show absenteeism, along with the hospitality industry. Jeff explains that Misty will be staying here until the first immunity challenge. Then, she'll come back to the tribe to compete.

Only now, with Misty's name already chosen, does Jeff explain that the other thing about Exile Island is that somewhere on it, there is an individual immunity idol -- much like the one Gary found last season. Just as with last season, you don't have to tell anyone if you find it. But unlike last season, you can save it and only use it if you're actually voted off, meaning it won't be wasted on people trying to hedge their bets. Furthermore, if you use it after you're voted out, there's not a revote -- it's the person with the next most votes. If you think about it, that actually is a sizeable development, strategically. If your alliance of six were up against somebody else's alliance of three, no matter how good you are, if you pick the wrong person and that person has the idol, your alliance will lose someone instead of theirs. I like this change enough that, if I had my way, I'd make it so there were a total of three immunity idols or something, just so it wouldn't seem so unlikely that it would ever come into play very much, but it's a good idea nevertheless.

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