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In any event, Jeff says that there will be clues along the way about where the idol is. He then wraps up the immunity-idol spiel and sends the teams -- minus Misty -- off with their maps to find their regular beaches. Now, it's just Misty and Jeff on EI. Jeff tells her that she has a machete and a bucket of water, but that the water won't do her any good, because she can't boil it without fire. Jeff also tells her that she has time to think about "why fate chose you to be the first one out here, which is also why immunity is already so important." He then informs her that she can look for the immunity idol, and that he's already given her a clue about where it is. Opinions vary about what the clue is, but I firmly side with those who believe that the clue lies in the word "why," which Jeff repeats twice with great emphasis, and which is quite unnecessary the second time. It's probably actually the letter "Y," meaning that either it's in a Y-shaped tree or that we're collecting letters to spell a word. "YUTZ" comes to mind, but that might just be Jeff. Tired of this whole thing already, Jeff stomps away, too important to stay back with Misty.

Back from commercials, Misty is still all alone on EI. The other teams are on their way to camp, the other "younger women" talking about how much Misty obviously didn't want to stay on the island. Misty. Teams. Teams. Misty. Misty feels vulnerable. She is wading in shallow water, her rolled-up cuffs speaking to the melancholy in her heart like no other pants could. She starts talking about the immunity idol, and then in a part that's especially awesome, she says, "He said, 'Why did fate leave you behind?'" She decides that maybe the "behind" was the clue, so she's digging behind where Jeff was. The only problem with her theory is that Jeff didn't say that. What he said was that she could think about "why fate chose you to be the first one out here." There was no "behind," meaning that crafty use of the word "behind" is probably not the clue. I predict right this minute that she will one day spell "Courtney" "C-O-R-N-T-E-Y," missile engineer or not.

Older Women are on their way to camp, and when they get to their beach, they have only a machete and a pot. And, of course, the privilege of not having had to walk eleven miles to get there. Cirie explains that she was scared of the machete, because she thought they would have to "clear an area to build a house or something." And this, in turn, scares her because when you clear brush, things that live in it emerge. You can tell she's going to be great at this show. The women share a prayer and a hug. They ask God for an extra blessing since they're older. (God: "Why yes. I will bless you more than I bless others. All you had to do was ask.") Melinda, who looks like a second-grade teacher but is billed as a "Singer/Entertainer," talks about how they immediately started thinking about shelter and fire. They get their fire started fairly easily -- I think the show has lost patience with watching people rub sticks together, which is why you're seeing flint right out of the box -- and "Lumber Jill" Tina says that she was excited about getting the fire going.

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