The Generation Gap

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And They're Chock Full of Protein!

In the morning, B.B. and Gretchen discover that their shelter is in danger of being washed out by high tide. B.B. admits that he was wrong when he insisted they build so close to the water. It's not a mistake on my part. I rewound to confirm. Twice. While moving a big log, the group drop it on Jenna's hand. She writhes around, but I don't think it's any more painful than delivering twins. Ramoaner is actually contributing, but she looks miserable about it. Commenting on B.B.'s negativity as he curses through the group effort, Joel says, "I can't let it bring me down anymore." Sounds like another threat to me. I've noticed that the collective strategy of those who contribute the least seems to be complaining excessively about those who contribute the most. Joel is smarmy; he looks like he spends too much time working out at a health club -- oh wait, that's his job. While arguing over the movement of the logs, B.B. tells Joel that if he needs help building a health club, he'll turn to Joel. Ramoaner chooses this relatively mild comment to be outraged about. In a confessional, B.B. says Joel "reminds me of a guy that [sic] where you buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, you make a million dollars." Greg says in a Blaine kind of voice that it causes friction, or "a bit of chafing, if you want to put it in island terms." I'm not sure what this means, but since I don't have his Ivy League degree I'll assume it's over my head.

Sean eats in too many gourmet restaurants; he thinks he is going to catch some "sea bass or salmon." He tells us he's built a "super-pole" with a "free floating float," and further explains, "This is sooooo super-pole. All I do is take the line out, line out, line out, cast and boom. That's super-pole." I hope Sean doesn't have to communicate to any patients in his physician capacity. He sounds remarkably like David from The Real World Seattle. Susan continues her campaign to not say a single nice word about any of the other Survivors (not that I blame her) and busts on his invention. Sean says, "Maybe the area is over-fished or something," and confirms for the viewing audience that he received his M.D. through the mail. He looks like a Backstreet Boy: Kevin. Don't ask me how I know. Sean wants his super-pole that way.

At Pagong, Joel catches B.B. washing his t-shirt in the cooking water and informs the rest of the tribe of this ultimate betrayal. I really don't see what the big deal is. They have unlimited water. He took from his own supply. He offers to go get more. The others won't let him redeem himself by replacing the water, and I realize this is all about making themselves feel better about voting him off. As the vultures, led by Joel, swoop down on poor B.B., Ramoaner, like, adds hypocrite to the list of, like, negative nouns that could be used, like, to describe her. She tells us, "It's not about I; it's about us." If "us" stands for "useless," then that's exactly what Ramoaner's about. Gervase adds, "You can't do anything without everyone here agreeing." But it's obvious the show is based on the potential for there being disagreement, so this is just a silly thing to say. B.B. and Gervase start a pissing match about who did more work and Gervase loses any respect I had for him when he gets in the face of B.B., who obviously needs a few minutes in the timeout corner. Joel says he "didn't want this to turn into this." He probably shouldn't have started it in the first place then. B.B. proves he is the only one with a clue when he points out that it's not a democracy. We then get a slow motion shot of him walking towards the ocean. That's the last we ever see of B.B. -- well, almost.

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