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And They're Chock Full of Protein!

Jeff Probst appears and we get the same exact clip about the treemail from last week. I'm not so bothered by the recycled clip, but more by the necessity of its use. Are the writers just so proud of their own cleverness? I mean, we could figure out they were getting their mail from somewhere, right?

Tagi learns that both tribes have been invited to the First Annual Starving Survivors Benefit, Buffet which will consist of "local delicacies" served "al fresco." Stacey says, "Oh gosh, this is about eating disgusting things." She then singsongs "eating disgusting things" again. Tagi seems way too happy about the prospect of literally grubbing down. Perhaps Susan's talking up all the other wonderful food options akin to eating squirrel.

At Pagong, Ramoaner says, "Oh, I'll swallow everything." Except normal fruit. B.B. thinks it would be best to "lighten the load." At first, Gretchen thinks he's suggesting a coup against Ramoaner, but then she realizes he wants to "engineer an escape route" for himself. Gretchen walks away shaking her head. Both Ramoaner and Gervase use the words "suck face"...I mean, "save face" when describing B.B.'s plan in confessionals. The faux nobility of the group as they refuse B.B.'s request irritates me. Gretchen says the "name of the game" is to "stay together as long as you can," but we know they'll eventually all be stabbing each other in the back. And besides, I thought the name of the game was Survivor.

As the S15 make their way to the immunity challenge, Jeff Probst sits at the head of a rustic table that would make Martha proud. He gleefully reveals a fishbowl filled with fat yellow squirmy beetle larvae, Butok, and explains that the first person who refuses to eat one loses the immunity challenge for his or her tribe. Jeff takes way too much pleasure from assigning these tasks; as the contest begins he urges the contestants to "bite the head off" and not to "just get the tail." I think he should demonstrate. Gervase is incredibly agitated; he slaps himself, shakes his head, and obsessively licks his thumbs as he prepares to lift and eat his Butok. He can barely touch the thing, but he finally manages to down it. These things must have a thick, mealy consistency; it takes the S15 a while to bite into, chew and swallow them. They then have to stick out the tongue to prove there's no Butok residue left. Sean swallows and then looks horrified. Stacey downs hers; she's done her share of tequila shots. Rudy looks like he's tossing back some popcorn and Jenna and Richard toast each other with their Butok. Colleen pronouncedly chomps and chews on hers in a bizarre way. When they're all done, Jeff self-congratulatorily announces that he thought everyone would complete the task. The tiebreaker: each tribe must pick the other's most squeamish person who will then compete in a Butok-eating contest. Pagong picks Stacey, and I can't figure out why; she ate the damn thing whole. Tagi, obviously, picks Gervase. Stacey and Gervase each have two Butok; on the count of three they dig in. I don't know why Stacey didn't shoot hers in succession like she did her appetizer. After a good bit of sped-up footage and lots of vigorous chewing shots, Stacey sticks out her incredibly long tongue and is pronounced the winner. Gervase spews his on the ground and I'm wondering what the animal rights people have to say about this. Stacey and Richard hug. Yuck and Yuckier. As Pagong walks away, Gretchen waits for B.B. and he pats her on the back. I think they have the nicest relationship on the show, even if it is based on B.B.'s male superiority complex and Gretchen's patronization of this attitude. (And I just checked B.B.'s bio; he has three daughters. What an "interesting dynamic" -- to borrow a phrase from Richard -- that must be.)

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