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And They're Chock Full of Protein!

Back at Pagong, we get more words of wisdom from Ramoaner: "Tribal Council. It's kinda like judgement day on earth, kinda [sic]. That's, like, so daunting. You're like, whoa." Well, doesn't that just sum it up perfectly? The team paints their faces. Ramoaner goes on to say that she doesn't like this because she has no say over whether she stays or goes. Isn't that the point? Ramoaner's degree must have passed Sean's in the mail. Jenna says that she'd vote for Ramoaner. B.B. tells us he'd vote for Joel or Ramoaner. Gretchen bequeaths her tube top to B.B. if she gets the boot, and B.B. responds that he'll leave his towel behind, but he's taking his chopsticks with him. In a confessional he says, "If Gretchen or I would leave this tribe, that'd be like dropping the atomic bomb here." Good thing Kelly brought her bead bag; she'll need it during the nuclear fallout.

Regis...I mean, "Jeff" talks about the tribe's "dreaded hike" to Tribal Council while we see shots of Pagong basically skipping and strutting along. When they arrive, Jeff continues his campaign to become the most melodramatic person on television by claiming, "It's not by accident that Tribal Council is located in the center of the jungle. What happens here is sacred. It needs to be respected." Well, my intelligence needs to be respected, and this isn't cutting it. When the tribe lights the torches, it looks like they're roasting marshmallows. Once again, Jeff wants to induce some warm fuzzies prior to taking the vote. Or maybe he just wants to stretch out his time in front of the camera since it probably won't last much longer, if the viewing audience has anything to do with it. Jenna says that it will be like "losing a family member" and that there will be a "large empty gap in the bed tonight." I don't know about her family, but mine doesn't often share sleeping arrangements.

The Pagong tribe members begin voting. B.B. votes for Ramoaner and says, "I think this person contribute [sic] probably the least of anyone in all of our efforts." Gretchen tells us she chose B.B. because he's a "get out of jail free" card. Maybe they had a conversation we weren't shown, but it looked as though B.B. wanted to stay at the end, so this seemed like a pretty big betrayal on her part. Greg says, "I think it's time for Ramoaner to go." His Ivy League education makes him the only one to figure out that B.B. did a hell of a lot more than Ramoaner. Joel is rather smug and wordy and ultimately says, "Right now [B.B.]'s the best choice."

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