The Generation Gap

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And They're Chock Full of Protein!

Jeff skips off in his designer safari gear to tally the votes and reiterates on his return that this is a final decision. He also says that the person voted off has to leave immediately and that there are "no goodbyes." Sonja got goodbyes; did something change? Jeff reads the votes aloud: two for Ramoaner; five for B.B., and since I like B.B. I find this extremely painful. The tribe has spoken; B.B.'s torch is snuffed and he shuffles off down the dark widely-cut trail, hands in his pockets. Ramoaner looks like she can't believe someone actually voted for her. She should get used to it.

As the credits roll, we learn that the last vote was Jenna's; she voted for B.B., despite what she said earlier, making her a liar or the editors more manipulative than usual. B.B. tells us, "I think what I did was the right way." Keep right on doing it all the way back to the mainland. I'll miss you, B.B.

Next week on Survivor: Dirk bangs his Bible really loud.

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