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Talk to the Finger!

Back at Kucha, Kimmi says she thinks the tribe should conserve its chickens. Alicia immediately gets in her face and says they need protein every day. Suddenly, it's Springer Break at the Kucha camp. Kimmi wants to know "what the hell's up [Alicia's] butt," and Alicia starts in with the finger-waving in Kimmi's face. Elisabeth just stands there in the middle of it. Kimmi tells Alicia not to wave her finger in her face and Alicia responds, "I will always wave my finger in your face," which is some kind of threat. ["And was unanimously voted the catchphrase of 2001 by all present in Wing and Glark's living room. Djb, is your finger still waving? 'Cause it better be." -- niki] Basically the argument centers around Alicia being "tired of [Kimmi] and the fuckin' chickens." Alicia storms off and Kimmi seems overwhelmed. In a confessional, Alicia tells us she doesn't "really appreciate [Kimmi] to begin with," but that she tried to walk away from the situation before it "potentially turned ugly," but that Kimmi wouldn't let her. She says it "made me wanna just run up and grab her by the throat, but I, I had to keep my wits about me." Common sense dictates, however, that in order to maintain one's wits, one must have wits to maintain in the first place. Jeff is upset because he missed the drama, and Alicia repeats that she never liked Kimmi and that when Kimmi "jumps on me, I will go at her guns loaded." Alicia, who did all the jumping, doesn't need guns against Kimmi.

Kimmi tells us that she's a big girl and she's not too attached to the chickens and that Alicia has always had problems with her, which seems to be the truth. She tells us that she merely suggested they not eat three chickens and a pig "back to back." We then get a "She Said / She Said," scenario which goes back and forth between the two parties talking about each other. Kimmi says Alicia is very critical and condescending, and "I will not be treated, um, you know, like a jerk-off." Alicia continues to tell the story to Elisabeth and Jeff, but she omits all the finger-waving parts. She continues storming around and says, "If you're gonna make sense, you can say whatever you want to me. But if you're not gonna make sense keep your mouth shut." Jeff gleefully says that he knows the explosion was coming and, "Kimmi was befriending the chickens, and giving them names, and petting them. And, um, Alicia just had no patience. Alicia doesn't have a lot of patience for anybody, really." Elisabeth tells us, "Alicia is in charge of telling people to do things. Alicia is also in charge of talking trash about people," and giggles. Alicia then announces that she's going to "live and let live," because they have to work together. If "live and let live" means "continually harping on the subject." Kimmi says that since they're on the same team, they at least have to keep their poker faces on. As we go to commercials, we cut to a clip of Alicia making a decidedly un-poker face.

Peaceful music plays at Kucha on the morning of Day 14. Nick tells us, "Last night was really, really cold." Rodger looks like Bruce Springsteen as he gets out of the tent. I know it sounds unlikely but he does. They all stare at the fire, which can't be too hot because there are ants swarming on one of the logs.

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