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Back at camp, Colby tells us he's frustrated with losing and that "if we don't turn up the heat and turn this runaway train around, it might be a meltdown for the Colbster." Why would the Colbster want the heat turned up, if he's going to have a "meltdown"? Tina tells us it's not about what's lost, but about losing. We see shots of reclining Ogakor members and a strange shot of Keith laying in the tent with some weird white multi-fingered thing between his legs. Seriously, if you have this episode on tape, check it out and send me your interpretation in an email with the subject line, "What's between Keith's legs?" The rushing blue sky camerawork here looks like it was borrowed from a Skittles commercial.

Kucha parties down with their spices. Alicia tells us that winning the reward challenge, though not as big a deal as immunity, is "definitely another nail in the coffin." Jeff says, "I don't mean to sound evil, but it's all about kicking somebody's ass." You don't have to mean to sound evil to actually be evil. Alicia says the Ogakor tribe was a graceful loser. Of course, they have had some practice at it. Jeff tells us in a confessional that other Kucha members were talking about how bad they felt for Ogakor and says, "Screw it. I mean, chop their heads off; chop their legs off. This is a game and I'm ready to beat every one of 'em." He then repeats this sentiment to his tribe, adding that he'll feed Ogakor's eyeballs to Mike. The team suddenly decides that they all stink, and Alicia says she doesn't know what to do with herself in light of their newly acquired supplies. Clean herself comes to mind. Mike says they all smell but, "Thank God we won that challenge so that we can bathe Kimmi." Fun calypso bath-time music and frolicking ensues. Rodger happily soaps up his armpits and head and Kimmi cleans her breasts. Michael tells us that some of them got more soaped up than others because some of them bathed more than others. He's kind of stuck on this one. Our final shot is of Kimmi swirling around and reveling in the water, and the words "You're leaving soon, Kimmi" appear suddenly on the water in big, fluorescent soap bubbles.

At Ogakor, Lamber and Colby come back from checking the mail and Jerri looks at them suspiciously. Amber reads the clue aloud, which is about being "rats in the maze," and the prize is "better than cheese." What's better than cheese? Fried things! Lamber calls a pep talk and says their minds and their hearts are going to get them through the challenge, and she puts a lot of pressure on their minds since they don't have hearts. She then says, "Just make sure that you don't doubt your heart and your mind about today." If she's not repeating Jerri, she's repeating herself. Colby tells us they need to check their inhibitions at the door. Along with their excessive use of metaphors.

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