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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

The contestants return from camp. Looking tired and pissed, Matty says that he got three votes tonight, and he's pretty sure the third one was from Ken. The alliance (a.k.a. everyone but Bob) meets to discuss it, and Matty asks Ken why he voted for him. Ken doesn't deny it, and says he thought Corinne had the idol. Matty isn't buying it. Ken tells us that he voted for Matty to win jury votes when he gets to the Final Three. And since Corinne had nice things to say about Ken on her way out, that might have worked. Then Ken gets all annoying and smug and says that he's the mastermind out here and he's calling the shots now. Not with Matty, who refuses to believe his story about Corinne having the idol, even though it's actually true as far as Ken knows. Matty storms off. He tells us that he's onto Ken now. Sugar tells Ken not to worry -- "Matty is gone next if Bob wins." She tells us that she likes Matty, but he's a physical threat and her alliance is with Ken and Crystal. Crystal points out that Matty wrote her name down once and she has yet to return the favor. She tells us that not writing his name down at Tribal Council when she had the chance is probably "the stupidest move that I've made in this game so far." Oh, I don't know about that. Wearing those ten pound shoes wasn't too bright, either.

The opening credits are back, complete with an unflattering shot of Corinne squatting and digging with her fake boobs a-jiggling.

Ken goes to Bob for some answers. He asks Bob if they lied to him. Bob says no. Ken asks why Corinne didn't play the idol, then. All Bob has to do is say that she thought they had the votes, so she didn't have to play it and decided to save it for later. But no. Instead, he sighs and admits that the idol was fake. Oh, Bob. Now Ken can get on his high horse and accuse Bob of lying to him and destroying his chances in the game. Bob is contrite, telling us that he feels "horrible" about putting Ken in such a bad position. What? Why? Ken put himself in a bad position by telling Crystal not to vote for Matty. Why is Bob's only strategy in this game to make convincing fake idols, only to feel so terrible about it afterwards that he loses any advantage they would have given him? "I risked everything to try to save you and Corinne, and this is what I get for being a nice guy?" Ken says, crossing his arms petulantly. Oh, please tell me Bob isn't falling for this. "If I win the next immunity, I'll give it to you," he promises. MORON! Ken tells us that he was able to make Bob feel so sorry for him that he promised him immunity if he wins it. "This is such a huge power play," Ken says. Is it really? It seems more like taking advantage of a nice old guy's inability to make good decisions after a month without food. Bob tells us that he's planning on being a man of his word when it comes to the immunity necklace. Which is exactly what Ken expected, and why you shouldn't have made that promise in the first place.

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