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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

First vote: Matty. Second vote: Matty. Third vote: Crystal. She nods and knows she's on her way out. Ken's just glad it isn't him. Fourth vote: Crystal. Fifth vote: Crystal. That's all it will take. Probst extinguishes her torch. She looks almost relieved to leave and blows her tribe kisses on her way out. She never won anything in this game, but she won a place in my heart. I'd give her a gold medal, but she's proven that they're pretty much useless.

Incidentally, Sugar was dead-on with her "good luck with that jury" comment, since if you watch the Loser's Lodge videos on, you'll see that all four jury members gave Crystal the silent treatment when she arrived because Corinne and Marcus are bitter assholes, Charlie is a spineless twerp who went along with them so they wouldn't disown him as a friend, and Randy was actually the biggest person of all (which isn't saying much, but still) and talked to her to next day.

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See how this season all started.

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