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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

And now it's time for Crystal, Ken, and Bob's African odyssey. Bob leans too far out of the helicopter. There's only, like, a tiny strap across the door him in there! The editors cut away to elephants so we can pretend that the contestants saw them below, and then there's a really unflattering and downright scary low angle shot of Bob's face.

They arrive at their hut, and there's a table loaded with food and drinks waiting for them. Oh, that's good -- from the way Probst described the reward, I was afraid they would go to the gorilla sanctuary before the food, so they wouldn't be able to appreciate it because they'd be thinking about their upcoming food and shower the entire time. Crystal describes the spread before them, and correctly identifies all the food items, unlike the people at the Kota picnic who didn't know what gherkins were, thus whipping Corinne up into a homicidal rage. Bob ridiculously thanks Crystal and Ken for joining him even though he's the one who picked them. They toast and drink this really cool cocktail that's three different colors. Ken's got some Farrah Fawcett-style wings going on in his hair, probably from the helicopter ride. Bob says he wishes they could have brought everyone along, because he still doesn't understand that this is a competition. Ken tells him not to feel bad, since if Matty won, he would have brought Susie and Sugar with him. Ken also says that if Matty doesn't win immunity tomorrow "that would be a good thing." Very subtle, Ken. Subtle like one of those giant sledgehammers in a game of Super Smash Brothers. Crystal says she hopes Matty loses, because if he isn't voted out next, it will be one of them. Bob picks his teeth with a toothpick and looks like he'd rather discuss anything else. Doesn't he usually nap during strategy sessions? He asks if they can get Sugar "on board" with voting Matty out next, then tells us that he's hoping Matty will go next, and that he seems to have won Crystal and Ken's confidence, thanks to the integrity he has shown in the game thus far. Like when he made a fake idol and screwed Randy over. Or when he made a fake idol and almost screwed Ken and Crystal over. Hooray for honesty! Ken says that if Bob wins immunity next, he'd be willing to "take a risk." By which he seems to mean that Bob doesn't have to give it to him at the next tribal council, but is still on the hook to give it to him the next time he wins it. Bob rolls his eyes and Ken laughs uneasily. Bob says it's up to Ken -- he was going to give him immunity as soon as he won it, but he can wait until Tribal Council to do it, depending on whether or not Ken thinks he'll need it. If Ken thinks Bob needs it more than him, he'll let Bob keep it. Uh ... yeah, right. The problem with people who have integrity and have lived for 57 years with it is that they fail to understand how others can lack it. Meanwhile, Crystal remains silent during all of this so as to rise above such foolishness.

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