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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

The next morning, Bob, Crystal, and Ken arrive back at Nobag, still in their robes. Sugar sounds genuinely happy for them and wants to hear all about, and Ken is quick to show her his nice, clean shirt. Now she'll cuddle up to him for sure, just like she promised when he didn't win the bath in the auction! Unfortunately, Ken didn't put the shirt on, so Sugar just grabs it away from him. Matty says he's glad for Bob that he won, but still annoyed that he chose Crystal and Ken to go with him because he hates them.

Ken decides to confront Matty on his attitude, saying he can feel that Matty's mad at him. Very perceptive, Ken. Matty whines that Ken said they'd go to the end together. "There's no reason to be upset," Ken says assholishly. Matty says that seeing his name written down by someone he thought he could trust is a very good reason. Crystal suddenly explodes that her name's been written down eight times in this game so far, and one of those times was from Matty. She thinks Matty should be grateful to her for not writing his name down and voting him out when she had the chance, which is kind of a good point. Matty should thank her, or possibly Corinne for being so freaking hateful that they'd rather get rid of her than Matty the physical threat. Meanwhile, Sugar's lying down listening to the whole thing, wearing Ken's clean shirt. Ken is beyond a sucker to give it to her. Ken says his name has been written down seven times, so "think about that." Huh. I didn't realize people kept such close track of these things during the game. Although I guess they don't have much else to think about, so why not? Ken decides that he's the one who's mad now, because that what people do when they feel guilty. Except for Bob, who gives away cash and prizes. Ken tells us that he wrote Matty's name down for strategic reasons, and that's part of the game. But now Matty's acting super-paranoid for some strange reason.

Crystal tells us she wants to "throw the stink on Matty" in the hopes that everyone will smell it and write his name down. "Karma's a bitch in this game," she mutters as Matty walks off. Oh, dear, Crystal. Don't try to make any moves. It's just not a good idea. She pulls Matty aside and asks him why he bowed out of their Final Four alliance and teamed up with Susie. Matty says he likes Susie and spending time with her. That doesn't mean they're in an alliance or that he trusts her. Crystal tells him to look her in the eye and say he doesn't trust Susie. Matty does. "You're lying," Crystal says. While Sugar lies in the hut and massages her temples, Crystal tells Matty he's changed for the worst, and after all she and Ken have done for him, he tried to fuck them over somehow. Matty doesn't know what Crystal's mad at him for at this point. Sugar shakes her head and sighs. She tells us that she's just witnessed Ken and Crystal go off on Matty for no reason. She now thinks that Matty was telling her the truth: Crystal and Ken have been in this together since the beginning, and Ken pretends to be meek and powerless while lying through his teeth while Crystal is "just a big bully."

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