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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

With that, she follows Matty out to the dock. She says that she already knew Crystal wasn't a good person, but now she's seeing that about Ken, too. "I believe you now!" she says tearfully. She must be upset with Ken, because she isn't wearing his shirt anymore. She's also crying, but that happens no matter what, so it doesn't mean much. "Why would they kick you when you're down?" Sugar says. Because Crystal thinks this is a strategy to make Matty look bad and Ken feels guilty and is trying to convince himself that he has a reason to vote Matty out. Duh. Matty makes his "poor me" face, and Sugar says that he isn't going. Suddenly, the music changes and Sugar's tears dry, if there ever were any to begin with. "Okay?" she says, looking totally in control. She says she'll talk to Bob, and Matty will talk to Susie. Now Matty wonders if Sugar is telling him the truth. He hopes so. He says it'll mean going to the finals against Bob and probably losing, but "good will prevail." Good is such a subjective term, especially on this show. Matty asks who they will take out next, and Sugar immediately says Crystal.

Immunity Challenge! Probst takes the immunity necklace back from Bob and places it on the ridiculous official immunity necklace holder. I've only just noticed that it even existed, but I don't know how I managed to miss it all those times. It's gigantic and has a skull on top! Probst explains the challenge: contestants must memorize a mask and run through an obstacle course to another blank mask, bringing three bags of puzzles pieces with them. They will then use the pieces to build the mask so it looks like the first one. Also, they will be blind-folded. Yikes. That sounds really hard.

There's a hilarious moment when the contestants, now blind-folded, step up to their masks and Sugar gets on the wrong side. She's totally going to lose this one. I doubt she'll even bother to try. Probst says go, and the contestants "memorize" their masks by feeling them. Bob carefully feels his mask up, but Sugar and Matty decide to grab a bag and go. The others soon follow. Matty leaves his bag and goes back for more, while Ken, Sugar, and Bob decide to put their pieces on the mask first. As for Crystal, she manages to bring her challenge suckitude to amazing new lows as she wanders off the course. Probst decides to play nice and lets her know that she is in the wrong lane and "completely off-track." If that had happened in the Olympics she never competed in, it would have been an automatic DQ. Crystal tries to get back in her lane, but goes in the wrong direction. She's never going to get back.

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