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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

Ken tells Bob he's feeling scared tonight and wants the necklace. Ken tells us that things are lose-lose for Bob now. If he doesn't give Ken the necklace he promised, he'll "look bad." To who, exactly? The jury, the majority of whom will vote for Bob no matter what he does because they hate everyone else in this game so much? If Bob does give up the necklace, he'll look good but go home. I don't think anyone will think badly of Bob if he doesn't give that necklace up. Last season, Eric gave the necklace up and looked like a moron. You only look bad if you do something that stupid. Bob doesn't want to look stupid, right? Then again, there's an excellent chance that Bob has never seen an episode of this show. Ken tells Bob he's afraid of being blindsided tonight. Bob says that's impossible -- everyone wants to get rid of Matty. Bob is reluctant to commit to anything, but Ken pushes, saying he feels really nervous. Meanwhile, who's gabbing away in the background? And why are they talking strategy so close to someone else?

In the hut, someone else is chattering away outside (Ken and Bob, I think) while Crystal tells Sugar, Susie, and Matty about the vote for Bob tonight. Ken walks into the hut and announces that Bob told him he will only give the necklace away if everyone says they're voting for Ken tonight because he voted for Matty last time. Sugar isn't buying it. She says that she doesn't want to be in an alliance with the other four anymore -- she wants to be with "the good guys."

And so, she heads for Bob and says that she's done with her alliance with Crystal and Ken. And to prove it, she tells Bob that they're going to take him out tonight if he gives Ken the necklace, and points out that she couldn't have known that unless they told her so. "I think we need to take them out," she says, while hilariously sad epic movie soundtrack music plays. Bob asks how Susie feels about this. Sugar doesn't know but thinks she'll vote however Matty does. Sugar wants to take Crystal out. Bob tells us that while Sugar hasn't done anything to show him that he can't trust her, she hasn't done anything to show him that he can trust her, either. So he doesn't know who to believe. Sugar turns on the waterworks and cries about how she has a "big place" in her heart for Bob, and tells him to look out for himself. She says she won't vote for him tonight even though he's the biggest threat. "The good guys should win in the end," she says. And it seems to me like she actually means it.

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