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The Process of Sugar Crystallization

Back at camp, Ken asks what they'll do if Bob doesn't give the necklace up. Matty yells that obviously, they'll vote him out instead. Sugar returns to camp looking triumphant. She says she thinks Bob will give the necklace up after all. She says she hates lying to Bob, but she knows it's a game, so she told him that she's voting for Ken tonight. "I think Matty has a chance," she says. Ken tells us that hopefully, Bob will give him the necklace. If not, Matty will get the boot. And Ken doesn't see any other way this will go because he can't imagine that Sugar would basically sabotage her own chances of winning a million dollars along with his and Crystal's.

Matty talks to Sugar. He's convinced that Bob will stick with Ken and Crystal no matter what Sugar tells him. "Let me do the thinking," Sugar mouths; "you, no." Good idea, Sugar. Also, hilarious. She tells Matty to vote for Crystal tonight.

I guess it's common knowledge now that Sugar has her idol, as she's wearing it around her neck and happy to have it. Tonight is the last night she can use it, so she will for sure. Wow, she had it all the way until the end. That's pretty freaking impressive. She was thinking of giving it to Matty, but doesn't want to open herself up to a blindside. As the contestants head out, she says that if Bob and Matty trust her, everything will work out fine.

Probst is looking especially somber tonight as the contestants arrive. And here comes the jury. Randy is sporting a new scary Travis Bickle mohawk. He's going to mow everyone down tonight, isn't he? It'll be the Tribal Council you'll never forget -- if you live to remember it! Probst starts things off by calling Bob out as a challenge monster. He asks Ken if he's worried that Bob will win his way into the Final Three. Ken diplomatically says that Bob is amazingly strong, smart, and agile for someone as old as he is. Since when did being fifty-seven mean you can't be smart? Probst asks Matty how it feels to watch Bob win challenge after challenge. I'm going go with "embarrassing." Matty says that if he has to get beaten by anyone, he's glad it's Bob. He'd rather Bob have the necklace than someone with "a little less caliber." Probst turns to Susie and asks her if it was hard to be out of the game and on Exile. She says it's hard to miss things, and she's still not certain what's going on. Cause she's high.

Probst asks Ken why he thinks Bob chose him to go on the reward. Ken admits to switching sides at the last Tribal because he believed Bob's idol lie. That made him a target, and Bob promised him the immunity necklace at the next Tribal Council if he won it. That has nothing to do with the reward, but Ken wants the jury to know that Bob lied to him if he doesn't hand over the necklace. Like they'd care. Sugar knows that's what Ken's trying to do and rolls her eyes. Probst asks if that's true, and Bob admits that he said that, but since then they have "renegotiated things." He will give Ken the necklace if he thinks Ken is in danger of going home tonight, and he'll make that decision after all the talking is done. Ken says that he definitely feels like he's in danger -- he turned on his alliance, so now he's an "outcast." "Bob has the necklace and where am I?" he says, trying his best to look and sound pathetic.

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