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Bob Is Full Of Craft

The previously on segment focuses on the immunity idol Marcus and Randy threw away, so I guess we haven't seen the last of it after all. Amazingly enough, Probst credits the Fang alliance with "brilliant strategy" in how they took the Onion alliance out. We see Randy play his fake idol again, and Sugar laughing her ass off. "Sending him home and humiliating him at the same time," Probst says, as we see a hilarious shot of Randy being eliminated with dissolves of Sugar laughing in slow motion. There's a new scene with Bob, where he says that Sugar didn't just say "ha ha" at Randy's misfortune, she laughed for a long time, and this irritated him. I wonder if it irritates him now that he's read post-show interviews where Randy said he hopes Bob has a heart attack.

Nobag returns to camp following Tribal Council. Sugar declares that the best Tribal Council so far, and Ken asks Bob if it was his idea to give Randy the fake idol. Here's where Bob should have said he didn't know the idol was fake and Sugar must have planted it on Exile "Island" when she found the real one, but no. Instead, he readily admits to giving Randy an idol he knew was fake, saying he "didn't mind" giving Randy a fake idol, but he was very pissed off at how Sugar rubbed Randy's ouster in his face with all of her laughing. "Don't ever do that again," Bob says. Have we ever seen him angry before? Also, he's saying that Sugar should have been happy enough that Randy was leaving the game without laughing at him like that, but if that was how Bob felt, then why did he give Randy the fake idol at all? How can Bob get on his high horse when he's the only reason why Sugar was able to have such a great time booting Randy in the first place? Sugar acts appropriately contrite. But while she might be sorry that she pissed Bob off, she's not at all sorry for laughing at Randy. As she tells us, Randy "dug his own grave" and it was hilarious.

And now it's Corinne's turn to be pissed. She (kind of rightly, I must admit) points out that Sugar was all about teaching her how to be nice to people, and asks if this was one of her lessons. Sugar doesn't seem to think she's a hypocrite, though. She says Corinne talks about everyone behind his back and then acts nice to his face. It's much more honorable to laugh in people's faces when you've fucked them over and they can't do anything about it. Corinne says she has to talk behind people's backs because if she said something to their faces, it would be bad game play. And just look where Corinne's "good" game play has gotten her! Watching members of her alliance get voted out one by one. Corinne says she didn't come here to make friends -- she came here to play the game. Sugar says that's exactly right. They all came here to play the game, and that's what Sugar's doing. Corinne has no response to this, so she runs over to the nearest cameraman and talks about the members of her tribe behind their backs: "I am now in a camp of mutants, none of whom I like. So it's very difficult for me to pretend to be nice to them. That's not something I'm used to. And that's done." No, it isn't. As usual, Corinne is all talk and no game.

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