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Bob Is Full Of Craft

Now it's time for the final round. Bob's looking pretty confident that he's got this one in the bag. Meanwhile, Crystal keeps trying to lift the pieces up instead of sliding them. Yeah. It's not even close. Bob solves the sliding puzzle in what appears to be seconds and coolly gestures for Probst to come over and check. Probst proclaims the puzzle solved and Bob the winner. He hands him his product placement phone and sends the others away. Ken tells us that he's bummed that he didn't get to see the rest of his sister's message, but now Bob is showing himself to be more of a threat than ever, so he'll be the next to go home.

After the break, Bob pours himself a beer and watches his video. They gave him a nice couch to sit on, too. And a napkin to wipe his tears. Peggy and her Maine accent say they miss Bob a lot and know he's going to do well. Then she says she has something to show Bob, and takes off. "Show me what?" Bob wonders, no doubt pissed that Peggy is wasting precious video seconds looking for something. But no! Because look who's coming out from the tree behind Bob? Peggy! She got to Africa real freaking fast! She sneaks up on Bob like she's Elmer Fudd hunting for wabbits, but she has to practically be on top of him before he realizes there's something there. When he does, he explodes in happiness. Did you really think they wouldn't have the loved ones visit? Please. The loved ones always visit! Except for the first season, when they wrote letters. Except for Jenna's kids. Bob offers to catch some termites for Peggy to eat (which actually might taste better than that nasty pizza). "No," Peggy says, as if his question was serious. Knowing Bob, though, maybe it was. Peggy tells us that she loved the way Bob smelled, which was "like a campfire." I tell you, people from Maine are different than the rest of us. ["Hey! There's nothing wrong with liking the smell of a campfire. It's not like she said she liked his stinky feet, or his bad breath or his unwashed hair." -- Angel, the editor from Maine] She says he looks dirty, but "very happy." Bob tells us that he was totally convinced that the loved ones had only sent videos. I would have been, too, if that stupid "preview" clip on the CBS site didn't totally give away the fact that the loved ones were there in person, and that Bob won the fucking challenge. Thanks,!

Back at Nobag, people are laughing and joking despite their recent loss. We don't see Corinne, but I think we can safely assume that she isn't laughing or joking. Suddenly, there's a whistle, and Bob arrives at camp with Peggy. Everyone runs out to greet them, and Peggy gets hugs from people who smell like campfire. Matty looks bummed out. Peggy recognizes Ken, most likely from Bob's descriptions. Although there is a slim chance that they know each other from Smash Brothers championships. Bob whistles again, and a group of clean people appear on the hill. Yes, it's the loved ones! They let all the contestants see their loved ones after all. Awww. And not a Probst insincere aw, either. I like the loved one episodes. Everyone forgets about Peggy and runs to his or her loved one. Hugs and tears all around. Crystal appears to be topless as she tells us that she can't explain how happy she was to see Andre. She's taller than him, but she's well-trained in the lean into hug so he actually appears to be taller than her. Corinne tells us that it was great to be with someone who knows and loves her (as this is no doubt a rare experience for Corinne), and gets her sense of humor and loves how mean she is. I have a brother, too, and he doesn't seem to like it when I'm mean to him. Nor should he.

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