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Immunity challenge! Today we get the trivia challenge. Probst will ask questions about Gabon. For each answer a contestant gets right, he gets one ball. Once all the questions have been asked, the contestants will throw their balls at a big target at the bottom of a hill. Whoever's ball is closest to the center wins immunity. As always, this is Susie's challenge to lose!

First question: True or False: gorillas were discovered in Gabon. It's true, and only Sugar and Corinne get it right. Probst says gorillas were discovered in 1847 by a guy who must have been fucking terrified. Can you imagine seeing one of those things for the first time?

Second question: a female elephant is called a: a mare; b: a doe; or c: a cow. This is ridiculously easy since Probst prefaced the question by saying that the male elephant is called a bull. Shockingly, Ken, Matty, and Crystal still manage to get it wrong. Oh my god. Crystal isn't going to get any of these, is she? There isn't a challenge she can't suck at. She even sucked at the auction! It's amazing.

Third question: True or False: the Gabonese viper, while poisonous, is virtually harmless to humans. Susie and Corinne say true. Probst makes fun of them and says that poisonous means deadly. Well, what if it was like the daddy longlegs spider that I always heard was full of deadly poison but its fangs were too small to bite humans? Everyone else guessed false, so they get balls. Crystal is on the board!

Fourth and final question: True or False: the elephant's trunk serves three purposes, as the elephant's arm, nose, and mouth. Wait, mouth? Don't elephants have a mouth? Yes, they do. The answer is false, and Crystal and Susie managed to get that one wrong. Sugar, on the other hand, got all four questions correct even though Corinne says she's stupid. Bob and Corinne have three balls, Matty and Ken have two, and Susie and Crystal have only one. But one is all they need.

Ken is the first to throw. His ball hits the target, but not as close to the middle as Ken would like. Matty throws next, and his ball lands closer than Ken's. Sugar's throw lands further away than Matty's. Susie has one ball, and it also lands further out than Matty's. Corinne throws next, and she can't beat Matty either. I like how Probst insists on saying that every throw looks good. How would he know? Unless the contestant trips and drops the ball by accident, they all look good from way up in the air. Bob's throw beats Matty's, making him the new person to beat. Crystal throws next. Her only throw falls short, of course. Ken's and Matty's next throws do, too. Sugar gets close, but not quite. What's up with her hair today? It's all crimped and over on one side. She's looking very Cyndi Lauper. Corinne's second throw doesn't make it, either. Bob's second throw lands even closer than his first one, just one ring outside of the center. Damn, he is good this week. Sugar and Corinne can't beat it with their third throws, which means Corinne is out of the running with an anguished groan. Bob's last throw doesn't beat his second one, but it does land in the second ring from the center. The only way he can lose now is if Sugar beats him with her fourth and final throw. She gets really close, with her ball rolling through the center, but it ultimately lands outside of Bob's. He wins immunity. Not only that, but I think all three of his balls were the closest to the center. He must kill at bocce. Phase 1 of Operation: Fake Idol 2 is complete. Bob tells us that his plan now is to build his fake idol and convince two members of the Fang alliance to join him and Corinne and blindside Matty.

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