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Bob Is Full Of Craft

Bob gets to work on his second Fake Idol. This time he's got twine (fishing line), beads, and metal charms at his disposal. How did he get those? Did his wife give them to him? What the hell? They've got idol-looking faces on them and everything! It's actually more convincing than his last fake idol! There must be a craft store nearby where Bob is getting these. Ah, it turns out that the metal charms were taken off of the contestants' torches. I think next season, they're going to have to make some new rules about what can and cannot be used to create a fake idol, or else we're just going to watch hours and hours of contestants doing craft projects. In which case, I'm going to turn this recapping job over to my grandmother. She likes crafts.

Bob sits down with Crystal and tells her the story. Unlike Ken, Crystal actually gets to see the fake idol. Crystal: "what the fuck?" Hey, does anyone think that Crystal's gold medal isn't real at all, but a convincing fake a caring friend made and gave to her to make her feel better about coming in hours behind the second-to-last place finisher at the US Olympic trials? Because that would explain so much. Bob asks Crystal to join him, Ken, and Corinne in a Final Four alliance. And just in case Crystal is wondering why they don't just use the idol tonight and vote Matty off that way without bothering to reach out for extra votes, Bob says they'd rather not use the idol tonight if they don't have to. Clever excuse. Crystal and Bob shake hands, and phase 2 is complete. Bob tells us that the plan seems to be working like a charm, and "the interesting thing is, we're not even gonna have to use the idol." Well, no, Bob, you're not. No matter how well your plan worked, you wouldn't use that idol. Because it's fake. Remember? Crystal and Ken meet in the woods and agree to vote for Matty, then giddily celebrate their new alliance. Oh, BUT WAIT! Ken decides that he wants Corinne's idol out of the game as well as Matty, so he tells Crystal to vote for Corinne and he's going to vote for Matty. Wait -- if they're going to force Corinne to use the idol after all, then why would either of them need to vote for Matty? I guess in case the other three try something behind their backs? Ken tells us that if everything works according to plan, he'll be "the biggest strategist in Survivor history." Um ... no. Not even close.

Ken, Crystal, Corinne, and Bob talk in the hut. Crystal says that she wants to trust Ken, who's telling her to vote for Corinne on the off-chance that the idol is, indeed, fake. Ah, so they're not totally convinced after all. Has Ken seen the fake idol? Maybe if he did, he'd be totally certain that it was real. Because that thing looks totally real. Crystal's hoping this all works and Matty goes home tonight, since this is probably her only chance to get rid of him. Then maybe she should vote for Matty after all, and guarantee he goes home. "The mental part of this game is kicking my ass," Crystal says. Good thing she's got those Olympic medal-winning athletic skills to fall back on! I think Corinne and Bob should have secretly told everyone in the Fang alliance about the idol instead of just two. That way, they could have shaken all the votes up and been able to rely on more people to vote for Matty instead of Corinne, as opposed to just Crystal and Ken.

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