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Lost at Senile

Treemail time reveals a close-up shot of Tanya's butt. Oh, and there's a clue, too. It's about "blind faith" and "carry[ing] the weight," as well as "great rewards." Ted thinks they will be blindfolded and running through the bush, and Jan thinks, "We're gonna have to guide us." Since Jan can barely guide herself on a daily basis, I can see how that would be a challenge. In an interview, Clay posits that the reward is either food or an easier way to get food, and that they really want to win it. Ghandia hangs out in her sports bra, and offers to "distract the other team with [her] cleavage." As she motions pulling her sports bra up and aside, she claims it's "easy access in case [she has] to pull the boobs out on the other side." Oh no. Did she have to go there? When Tanya points out that they'll be blindfolded, Ghandia responds, "They don't know!"

We're now at the challenge site, where ornate orange and pink canopy beds called palanquins await. Peachy explains that the challenge will require teamwork and trust. Each tribe will select a guide, and the others will be blindfolded. The blindfolded members will carry the guide on the palanquin through a figure eight course, during which their paths will cross three times. Yay! There's always opportunity for much amusement with the path crossings. Throughout the course are several stations with tribal bags tied to them. The guide must untie all of the tribe's colored bags and return with them to the mat. The reward is an extra lantern, fishing hooks and line, and a thirty-meter fishing net, which is much bigger than the net given the tribes upon abandonment. Why couldn't the winning tribe just take home the palanquin? Sook Jai agrees to sit sick Stephanie out. Tanya and Penny, meanwhile, will be the guides.

The challenge imminent, Penny perches at the front of her palanquin, while Tanya reclines. Not looking good for Chuay Gahn. Tanya calls her tribe "Chewy," and I get the sense she may well think that's how it's spelled. The guides seem evenly matched, although neither tribe seems particularly good at following directions. Penny gives her tribe clear directions to make a sharp right, but they don't, and Jed gets a faceful of branch. Then Potential Collision #1 is quickly approaching: Ted walks into a pole, but the rival palanquins don't walk into each other. Catastrophe averted. Sad me. Tanya tells her tribe to move "just a tad." I've never heard of that particularly unit of measure. Of course, Penny later uses "just a touch," so like I said: they're an even match. Peachy, meanwhile, is yelling that it's "very tight," so we know he's still wearing the same pair of shorts as a couple seasons back, except maybe they've shrunk a bit in the wash. We're quickly approaching Potential Collision #2, and although the circumstances are perfect -- the tribes arrive at the same time -- there's minimal impact, although the front of Sook Jai hits the back of Chuay Gahn. Now they're tied four bags to four, and as they approach another station, Jake slams his face into a post. Disgruntled, he tells Penny, "You ran me into a tree." He keeps insisting, "I'm in a tree," but he's not in a tree, so it's kind of funny. Then Jed ends up in an actual tree. The tribes are still tied. Jake hits another post and says, "I'm in another tree, here." Penny -- perhaps failing to realize that whether it's a tree or a pole is not exactly the point -- argues with him about it. They go back and forth in a "No you're not" "Yes I am" exchange. Then the Sook Jai bearers collapse under the palanquin, but quickly right themselves. Meanwhile, Tanya -- who pronounces "left" as "laft" -- is yelling "You're gonna get hurt!" to her tribe, which must be heartening to hear when you're blindfolded. Penny, however, appears to have no regard whatever for whether her team gets hurt, and it pays off in the long run. Sook Jai reaches the finishes line, and all tree and/or pole collisions are forgiven and forgotten as hugs are exchanged. Even Ken and Jed hug. Maybe they're still blindfolded.

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