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Lost at Senile

It's now Day 6 at Chuay Gahn, and they lament the closeness of the challenge. Ted thinks the "beauty" of the game is that there is no second place. Sounds like a Nike commercial to me. In an interview, Clay tells us that they lost again because of a couple of "dumb-ass mistakes, as a matter of fact." Ted asks what Jan's deal was, and she explains that she was looking for the latch in the wrong place. She apologizes and insists that she tried her best. She then covers her face with her hat. Helen tells us that they're trying to keep their spirits up, but that it's not a good feeling to have to vote someone out. Now Ghandia, Ted, and Clay have a summit in the water. Ghandia says she'd vote for Helen before Jan because Helen's "gettin' on [Ghandia's] nerves, yo!" Clay does a squeaky imitation of Helen saying, "I am going to go over here, and I am going to pick up this one leaf, and I am going to bring it back." Hee. In an interview, Ghandia tells us that she still doesn't know how she'll vote. She wants to vote for Helen, but she knows Tanya is ready to go. Helen explains that it will be difficult to vote against Tanya, since she's loved by all. She thinks that will play in Tanya's favor, and that it could be anyone tonight. Anyone, that is, except Brian, Ted, Clay, Jan, or Ghandia.

As the tribe members file into Tribal Council, my husband notices that Jan's torch is already out. According to the mythology of past seasons, this means that Jan is tonight's ejectee. Peachy gloats that it's their second time at Council, and asks about their morale. Ted says it's waning, but that they're still in high spirits, and they're still a family. Aw. Ghandia thinks the group is particularly sad, because the challenges have been so close. She says they keep believing in themselves, and that their first win will be a big one. She looks very pretty in this scene, as much as it pains me to say. Look at these people -- dragging all manner of compliments out of me! Clay says that the other tribe thinks Chuay Gahn's "a wash," but thinks that the days are coming when they'll be seeing a whole lot more of Peachy. Hee. That sounds like a threat. Tanya didn't have any idea the game would be so hard, because she's been camping before. Peachy begs them to admit that, at some point in the first six days, each of them has attempted to assess his or her place in the tribe. Helen vigorously nods (for what does Helen not do vigorously?), so Peachy calls her out. Helen thinks you'd be crazy not to worry about fitting in. Every day, she wonders if the others like her, and if she's said the right things, and if they think she's "too in-control all the time." No, no, and yes. She says that after the "anniversary party," she wanted to run back to the cave and cry, because it was one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for her. Still, she tried to "hold it together," despite being touched. Peachy thinks it "sounds like a beautiful moment," and she tears up as she warns him not to get her started, because she's "under orders not to cry." Peachy asks what she means as Ghandia makes a "retard" face. Helen explains that she works with "all these men" who warned her not to cry, and said she couldn't return to work if she did. What a very positive, healthy work environment; it's too bad Shii Devil's not in the tribe to explain what sexual harassment entails. Ghandia tells Peachy she's basing her vote on the person's ability to "mesh" with the others in the tribe, because the tribe needs camaraderie. Jan thinks the night's vote will be hard; she doesn't want to do it, but it's for the betterment of the group. This time Tanya's the first to vote, and I'm sensing a pattern.

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