The Great Lie

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Reports Of Granny Fairplay's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

There is still an impending immunity challenge and booting, in case you forgot. Sandra voices over, as she and Tijuana wander into the jungle together, that she and Christa have been looking for a way to turn Tijuana and Darrah away from the obvious emerging plan to oust the remains of King Rupert's Triumvirate over the next two votes. Sandra thinks that Tijuana has the power to make a move, but she's hoping that the move will be in favor of Sandra and not against her. We see Sandra feeding Tijuana some kind of hoo-hah about how Jon's reason for targeting Christa has something to do with Christa being the strongest woman -- like, right, I'm sure it has nothing to do with Christa being part of the Triumvirate at all. Oy. Sandra then switches gears to the far less ridiculous argument that Burton will probably be a big threat in later immunities, so Tijuana should think about ousting him now rather than later. She then gets to the meat of her argument, which is essentially the same logic that the boys themselves used last week in abandoning the Triumvirate: she tells Darrah and Tijuana that they may be okay in the primary alliance, but that they'll be hosed once it comes down to the sub-alliance, because when five remain, Burton and Jon are going to keep Lill, not Tijuana and Darrah. True, that. It's interesting to me that Burton -- who seems to have had a pretty decent strategic head over the last couple of episodes -- seemed not to see this coming nearly powerfully enough. He should have been aware of this threat from the moment he put the five together and ousted Rupert, because the reasons for Tijuana and Darrah to switch to an alliance with Christa and Sandra are identical to the reasons Burton and Jon flipped last week, rather than sticking with the Drakes -- it's a smaller alliance in which they aren't outnumbered by a preexisting sub-alliance that's destined to crush them. Furthermore, if Jon were as brilliant as he thinks he is, he'd have seen it coming, too, and Tijuana and Sandra and Darrah wouldn't have all this free time together. Sandra interviews that Tijuana listened quietly to this plea, but didn't say much.

Night comes to Camp Balboa. Burton, and Jon, unable to leave well enough alone and apparently too cocky coming off of the Rupert ouster to see the dangers lurking all around them, wander off on a walk and can't resist blabbing about strategy while lingering in the best possible spot for scheming -- in the dark, near plenty of cover so that they can't see whether anyone is around. Smart one, guys. After all, it's not like you regularly get the opportunity to have these conversations on a completely isolated stretch of beach where there is no one around for miles and you can't possibly be overheard.

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