The Great Lie

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Reports Of Granny Fairplay's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

As usual, the sun sets in all its time-lapse glory as we prepare for tribal council. The tribe shuffles in and sits down, and Jeff prepares for the grilling. But first, the jury! Ryan-O and Rupert come in and sit down, and Rupert has topped off his scraggly mane with sunglasses on the top of his head -- one of my favorite looks, as many of you know. Jeff says that it's been thirty days now, and he asks Tijuana what's going on with the tribe. She just says that there's "chaos." Thanks for the insight. He then asks Sandra what's going on with the tribe, and she launches into the fish-dumping story, going on and on about how horrible it was and how everyone blamed Christa. Nice of her to bring that up some more and rub it in some more. I love how she says, "There was so much shouting, fighting, cursing" when that applies to, mostly, her. Upon hearing that the fish were dumped, Rupert of course makes a horrified face. Because he's still the boss of you, of course, and he still will make sure you know if he's displeased. His opinion still totally matters. A lot! Jeff gives Christa another chance to plead her case, and she insists again that she's innocent. Innocent! "I can't prove anything," she shrugs helplessly. Should've been nicer; somebody might believe you.

Now, Jeff would like to discuss the reward challenge. He says that it must have brightened things for the gloomy Christa, and she allows that indeed, it did. Jeff: "Then Jon shares some information with us, that, lo and behold, his grandmother's passed away!" Now, there has been a lot of discussion this week about how Jeff has said he limits the amount of tape he watches, and how he was shocked to find out about Jon's lie, and this has led to widespread speculation that he didn't know that Jon was lying at tribal council. I don't believe it for one minute. If he didn't know, he was certainly skeptical. This particular perky delivery of "lo and behold, his grandmother's passed away!" is just not what you'd unload on somebody who you were convinced had just lost a relative. I will never believe he didn't at least have grave (no pun intended) doubts, but he can't just out Jon, because Jon considers this a strategy move, and Jeff probably shouldn't intervene too powerfully. ["Furthermore, the producers must have known this story about Dead Granny Fairplay was coming and that it was horseshit, or else they wouldn't have added that twist to the reward that all the other contestants weren't going to be around when Big Dumb Dan and Idiot Jon got their alone time, because otherwise they wouldn't have been able to film the reveal that Granny is alive, thus making for the great television." -- Wing Chun]

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