The Great Lie

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Reports Of Granny Fairplay's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Anyway, Jon looks scared as all hell that he's about to get busted, but Jeff just asks Jon whether he got the information he wanted from BDD about Dead Old Granny Fairplay. Jon goes on about how sad it was and so forth. He talks about how much it meant to him to get the support of the rest of the folks, and Christa's looking at him like she frankly doesn't believe him either. Jeff asks Tijuana whether this whole thing has brought the tribe closer, and she says that, at least for her, she just put the game aside for a minute to help Jon out. Jeff then asks Burton whom he trusts in the game. "I'd like to think I could trust a lot of people. But you don't have to trust someone to have an alliance with them. You just have to have the same interests." Glory, hallelujah, if that isn't the smartest thing I've heard all week. Jeff returns to Jon to ask about the formation of relationships, and whether Jon would be willing to betray anyone in the game to get his way. Jon says that he no longer is willing to do that -- he's all about the changing priorities, now that Dead Old Granny Fairplay is moldering in the grave and everything. And if they believed Jon before, they certainly shouldn't believe him now, because no nitwit of this magnitude has ever become nice as a result of a death in the family. Don't believe everything you see at the end of Reality Bites. In fact, anyone who believed that speech is not to be forgiven, ever, for the attendant idiocy -- including members of the jury. Of course, looking at the members of the jury who are observing at this point, I'm not real hopeful that they're going to pick up on it. Jeff asks Darrah if she wants to give up her immunity, but she declines.

Now is the time on Survivor when we vote! Sandra votes. Darrah votes -- for Burton, calling him the "biggest threat." Christa votes. Burton votes for Tijuana, acknowledging that tomorrow is her birthday. Lill votes. Tijuana votes for Burton, citing the conversation she overheard between him and Jon. Jon votes -- thankfully, no wrestling references this week that we actually have to watch. Jeff goes off to tally.

Burton pulls Tijuana's and Darrah's votes, but the rest of the votes go to Tijuana. She takes it gracefully, and steps up to be snuffed. Snuff! I'm kind of sad about that, because she was pretty much the last person left whom I thought I might actually like if I ever met her. Sigh. Jeff gives props to Burton's brilliant "it's not about trust" speech, and we are out.

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