The Great Lie

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Reports Of Granny Fairplay's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

The game goes on from there. Highlights: Tijuana answers that her favorite meal is chicken, but she admits that Billy's answer is actually the right one -- she forgot about mac and cheese. It's very cute the way Tijuana keeps apparently deciding that Billy's answers are better than the ones she came up with. Sandra loses her nerve and stops going after Big Dumb Dan, now picking on Lill's husband because Lill picked on hers. Lill goes after Sandra's husband yet again. Jon sends poor Marcus on the final ride into the water. Marcus jumps off obligingly. Splash! Next, there's a question about fantasy professions, and Darrah answers, "Modeling," while her boyfriend answers for her, "Nursing." Darrah: "We're gonna have to talk when we get home." Snerk. Christa's fiancé is next to end up in the water. Burton thinks the personality trait that could make him lose the game is "Funny." Gosh, I can think of three things that are wrong with that answer without even breaking a sweat. Darrah's boyfriend goes in the water. Burton's mom goes in the water, to the dismay of everyone -- it's not easy to see anybody's mom walk the plank. Burton (just call him by his nickname, "Burton") gives a very effectively comic cringe as she makes a splash. Jon sends Billy into the water, and Billy even throws Jon a "my condolences, man" as he goes in. That Billy is a nice guy. Cute, too. If Tijuana has decided they should just be friends, he can call me anytime. As if that's not enough, Billy cannonballs into the water. Aw, love him. Tijuana giggles and applauds. If she isn't in love with that guy, she sure acts like she is.

It comes down, in the end, to Lill's husband and Big Dumb Dan. Burton, predictably, sends Lill's hubby into the water so that Jon can get all the scoopage about Dead Old Granny Fairplay. Lill says that she totally understands this, and her soon-to-be-soaked husband will, too. They're going to let Jon have some time alone with his tragedy. I would point out that based on where Big Dumb Dan is standing right now, somebody else threw him a vote besides that first one from Sandra, and it's interesting that they didn't show us who it was. Anyway, Lonnie goes into the ocean, and Lill leans over and gives Jon a big kiss on the cheek, as she is wont to do. Jon goes around and hugs everybody, telling them how grateful he is for everything. Jon bounds over to give a huge embrace to Big Dumb Dan. Burton remarks to BDD that Jon has lost about thirty pounds, and BDD says he thought Jon gained ten. Is that wit? Because Jon is scrawny? Oh, BDD, you witty, witty thing.

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