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Okay, Three Isn't A Totally Magic Number

Previously on Ah Tell Yoo Whuht: James and Ibrehem threw down about who sucked harder. Toss-up! Steph took her team to a reward victory that earned them...okay, not a new shelter, but Pringles! And girly drinks! And jellyfish! Who didn't bite! At Koror, it was a dark and stormy night, and Janu was just settling down for a long pity party. Koror kicked Ulong's ass in another immunity challenge, to the surprise of no one, and the little team that couldn't was in the position of booting one of its four little soldiers. In a rare sign that the universe is not entirely hostile, the team delivered the boot to James. Can Ulong possibly lose any more challenges? Let's see!

We fade in on one of those shots up into very tall trees that makes me feel like my stomach is in my throat. It's never good when I have vertigo in the first ten seconds. We slide down to see that we are at Ulong on Day 16, and the remains of the tribe are huddled in what I suppose is their...cave? Anyway. The boys are still hot, especially Bobby Jon, and Steph is still awesome, but man, they are low on bodies. Steph comments to the boys on the 8-3 nature of things right about now. And then, hunting for something to say other than "this sucks" in one of the sixty languages in which she's learned to say it. She goes with "Sometimes, the best finish, you know, the people in last always turn around, like a second-half team almost?" She pauses and admits that the odds, of course, don't favor that happening. Heh. She interviews that three people is...a really small tribe. Hard to argue with that. "I'm really surprised," she says of her Team of Constant Shrinking. She says that she never anticipated that her tribe would lose every single challenge. Steph certainly does have a limitless capacity to be optimistic, given that she's newly surprised every week when the torture fails to end, apparently.

Ibrehem asks Steph if she's ever spent this much time around the same group of people, and she agrees that she hasn't. Ibrehem interviews that three people can only feel like "a group of friends, rather than a tribe." And he predicts that a tribal council at this point would be "very, very emotional." See, I think the people who are left on this team do like each other. It's sad, y'all. (Oh, shut up. I'm allowed to not have a soul made entirely of lemons.) Steph still wants a merge, and she's still thinking there's going to be one. Ibrehem says hopefully that maybe this all will in some way work out for the three of them. You know,, he'll get back to you. They do all seem happy about having gotten rid of James, though. I don't think anybody's missing watching that skirt blow around. In strategic news, such as there can be strategic news in a tribe of three people, Steph reminds us that she and Bobby Jon formed an alliance yesterday. And she hasn't forgotten it, as we find out when she tells Bobby Jon that she thinks they'll "go far together." I don't think she should be looking for "go far" at this point. You wouldn't want to get greedy when you're just trying to come up with enough coconut to get you over to Camp Club Med, also known as...

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