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Okay, Three Isn't A Totally Magic Number

Jeff tells them that it's time to vote. Steph goes and votes. Ibrehem votes. Bobby Jon votes. Jeff says he'll go tally, and try not to strain himself doing it, presumably. Jeff reads a vote for Ibrehem. And then he reads a vote for Steph. The eighth bootee is...Ibrehem. Ibrehem gives Bobby Jon a hug, and then a hug and kiss for Steph. "Thank you," Steph whispers to Bobby Jon. You can tell that, for once, Steph and Bobby Jon actually do feel kind of bad about sending Ibrehem home. I'm such a sucker for authenticity. Jeff tells them that the good news is that even with only two of them left, they still "believe in [them]selves as a tribe." Foolishly, you know, the way the occasional ten-year-old believes in the tooth fairy. He sends them back to camp.

In his exit interview, Ibrehem says that he was surprised to be booted, because he thought he had "something" with Bobby Jon, but he feels like he played his best without compromising his character. He enjoyed it. Thank you, Ibrehem, for just kind of not sucking.

Next week: Rats at Koror! They are going to make such a complaint to Housekeeping.

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