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Okay, Three Isn't A Totally Magic Number

Tom interviews that indeed, he's concerned about Gregg and Jen, and about the potential for one of them to wind up resisting when it's time to vote the other one off. He says the members of the tribe are "all watching the relationship." Creepy!

The next morning, Ulong is out boating, and Bobby Jon brings up a clam. Aw. He's like Ian, only beleaguered. Steph and Ibrehem congratulate him, because there's nothing like the first thing you have to be happy about in several days. Ibrehem says that Bobby Jon brought home the clam and also a little fish. Bobby Jon says it "felt like making the extra point to win the game." I swear, they should really ship in some cheerleaders, because he does deserve it. Ulong truly enjoys the fish, quite clearly, and Ibrehem is very relieved that they got some protein in their systems. Steph, too, says "it was nice to be full for a change."

Later, Bobby Jon returns with some treemail that includes a puzzle with sliding pieces in a tray. The clue suggests that they should practice the puzzle before they go to the challenge. They go off to work on the puzzle.

Later, the teams converge on a challenge beach. When Koror sees that James is gone, somebody says, "You ain't lyin'!" and somebody else says, "Come awn." Hee hee. "And then there were three," Jeff says to Ulong. He asks them how their fishing is going, and Bobby Jon happily tells of the "pan-sized little black fish" they got. And then Jeff goes in for the kill, asking Koror how their fishing is going. Tom starts off grinning that it's "okay," but the tribe tattles on him for killing a shark. "We ate shark until we were sick, actually," Tom admits. Jeff asks Steph how that feels to be struggling and to see Koror doing so well. Steph basically agrees that it sucks royally, because there's not a lot else she can do.

Jeff explains that the puzzle is now in the form of giant floating foam pieces in a floating frame. In other words, you're doing the same puzzle, only in giant form. Each team will have two people in the water moving pieces and one person standing over them looking from above, telling them what to move where. Jeff calls this person your "caller," but really, they're your "solver." Koror picks Coby as its caller, and Ulong picks...Bobby Jon. Yes, Bobby Jon is the brains of the operation, apparently. That just doesn't make me feel optimistic. I love him, but if I need a Rubik's Cube figured out, that's not who I'm calling. The teams swim out and prepare. Ready? Go! Coby begins immediately commanding Janu and Anonymous Jen to move pieces around. Bobby Jon, on the other hand, makes one move and then takes it back. From here, it progresses about that way -- Coby is pretty good with the pieces, and Bobby Jon, if possible, makes the pieces as far from a solution as he can possibly get them, despite occasional efforts by Steph to intervene. As Coby tells her what to do, Janu becomes more and more tired, and continues to look like she's going to pass out at any moment, disappear under the water, and cease to exist. Ultimately, Bobby Jon sucks it up, realizes that he's getting nothing done, and calls Steph up to be the caller for their team. A little late, but admirable of him to know his limitations. Steph immediately starts shouting out commands. There is an attempt to build suspense as Janu continues looking half-dead. You are meant to believe that Ulong is making a comeback. But don't you believe it. Before long, Coby has the last piece moved into place, and Koror wins its sixth immunity challenge. God. Jeff tells Ulong that, once again, they're going to tribal council and they're sending someone home. Ulong is despondent. Again. As usual.

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