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Okay, Three Isn't A Totally Magic Number

Later, Ulong returns to camp in the afternoon of Day 18. They drag their boat up the beach, looking rough as ever. Ibrehem says that they "were all shocked" to find themselves going to tribal council. Dude. You really shouldn't be shocked. Really should not. He complains that they must be setting some kind of record, which they totally are. He then tells Bobby Jon that he really doesn't want to vote. Bobby Jon interviews that it's hard, because these people are still members of his team, and he wants the team to do well. He says that he's emerging as the swing vote, because both Ibrehem and Steph are pulling on him. Sure enough, he calls out the fact that he and Ibrehem are from the same state in explaining their bond, so I guess I'm the dumb one to have dismissed it like I did. We watch as the boys push the boat out together, and Bobby Jon says that they have "a common theme." And that theme? Losing. Sucking. Eating dirt. You get the idea. Bobby Jon fishes as he tells us that Ibrehem "will take it like a man," but that Stephenie will be upset if Bobby Jon busts up their agreement. Stephenie, after all? Not a man.

While the boys are out fishing, Steph tells us that she never should have put herself in this position with these two guys who have so much in common. She says that her fate rests with them, and that it's not her favorite sort of feeling. She says that her plan is to corner Bobby Jon and talk to him, and that's just what she does. When she tells him she thought they were sticking together, he gets kind of weaselly (which he's just so bad at), saying that they are sticking together, but it's a toss-up. Which is stupid, because it's not a toss-up if they stick together. If they stick together, that's enough votes! Sheesh. Bobby Jon basically lets on that he's got commitments to both her and Ibrehem, and he really doesn't want to talk about it anymore. As Steph walks away from this conversation, she interviews that she can tell he's going to vote her off, which frustrates her. "It's not my time," she says. She makes an interesting move by approaching Ibrehem and telling him that she knows Bobby Jon made promises to him, and saying he made promises to her, too. She proposes that they just end all the waffling and vote Bobby Jon off instead. Unfortunately for this particular plan, Ibrehem isn't sure. "I don't know," he tells her. I'm impressed that Steph at least tried the other available option, though. It could have backfired, but it also could have worked.

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