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The Farmer And The Dull

Now, Jeff explains the challenge. The way it will work is that you balance a clay pot on your head while standing on a small block. Last person standing with a pot wins immunity. After an hour, there will be a tiebreaker. An hour? Standing there? Wimps! I personally believe that a challenge for immunity should be slightly more difficult than a field sobriety test. But standing in one place it is, so the six who are participating step up onto their blocks and begin. And then, Jeff tells the others that they can start eating. Right in front of the people who are standing up on the blocks. This is going to be uncomfortable. A lot. Not only in a "making out in front of your grandparents" kind of way, but also in a "making out in front of your grandparents while they are also making out" kind of way. Once the eaters have had a chance to serve themselves and Steph has had multiple chances to lick her fingers, Jeff asks them how the food is. Rafe uncomfortably agrees that it's good. At least he has the decency to hate himself. Jeff decides to ask about the fact that four people are eating, and Jamie explains that Brandon and Bobby Jon are targets, and that Judd is "trying to protect our lead." Bobby Jon pipes up, "I thought we were one tribe." "You know it's not one tribe," Jamie says dismissively, "so why are you saying that right now?" "Well, 'cause I can, and I will, and I want to," Bobby Jon answers back, calling on his Thoreau-like powers of simple and elegant expression. Jeff calls out the "our" in "protect our lead," and he tells Jamie that it certainly sounds like it's a straight-up tribal-line thing. Oh, Jeff. You scamp! Bobby Jon says that this is no surprise to him. "Bobby Jon," Jamie says, "you knew you had to win immunity today. Now you're givin' me shit." (I think that's what he says.) "I'm not tryin' to," Bobby Jon says calmly. "It's just when you start goin' off at the mouth, I ain't gonna let you big-boy me, though." I think I might enjoy being big-boyed by Bobby Jon, but I would need more details before I made a final decision. He does have the nice shoulders.

After half an hour, the challenge participants are all still standing. Jamie suddenly comes out with "How you doin', Bobby Jon? Good?" Yeah. Easy to poke the bull when he's got a pot on his head. Or something. I normally like my reality shows violence-free, but if Bobby Jon had walked over and broken his foot off in Jamie's ass, I would have lost no sleep over it. Jeff asks Jamie whether he's "consciously trying to rub it in," as Rafe looks disgusted. Rafe says quietly to Jamie and the group that maybe they can just enjoy the food and not make a big spectacle about it. Steph knows perfectly well that the threat with Rafe is that he'll have an attack of conscience, so she whispers to ask if he's all right. Rafe whispers back that he doesn't like the part about being all "It's the six of us and the four of you, and, like, you guys are screwed." Steph keeps telling him it's okay. must be okay, I guess.

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