The Hidden Immunity Idol

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The Farmer And The Dull

Danni's pot falls off, so she's out. Damn dome-shaped head.

The end of the hour is reached, and for whatever reason, they've decided to take the endurance out of this endurance challenge, so now we're going to a tiebreaker that involves scaling the steps of the pyramid with your pot on your head. First to the top, or person going the longest without dropping the pot, will win immunity. Cutting directly to the chase, I will tell you that Gary "Flathead" Hogeboom-Hawkins is the first to the top of the pyramid, so Gary will have immunity at tonight's tribal council. Jeff gives him the necklace. As Jeff explains, that makes Gary the only safe person unless somebody finds the hidden idol. I suspect that even after he received the necklace, Gary hoped to keep his immunity a secret from the tribe, so he's like, "Thanks, Jeff." Jeff sends everyone back to camp.

Later, it is Day 21 at Camp No-Fun. Judd and Jamie, not quite in the throes of the head-kissing days of yore, are arguing over the fact that Jamie ate and Judd didn't. Judd then turns his attention to Jamie's behavior, saying, "The only thing that was getting me pissed was every time you were talking." Man, I know that guy. Judd talks about how irritating he found it when Jamie kept running off at the mouth at Bobby Jon, and I find myself agreeing with Judd, so that's sort of newsworthy. Danni interviews that they already knew they were in the minority, and that having Jamie feel the need to announce it seemed "very cocky" to her, and "arrogant." She calls it "a slap in the face." Which I think is approximately what was intended. Danni and Cindy talk, and Danni points out that Jamie has been "an ass," with which Cindy basically agrees in her interview. She says that Jamie failed to "show class," which: good catch, and she says that people aren't appreciating Jamie's outbreak of dipshit behavior. She notes that even Jamie's buddy Judd seems to think he's over the line. I wish she would stop talking about "people" and freaking do something. You are people, Cindy! The future is now! It's time for people to act!

Rafe has a walk with Danni in which he basically admits that he'd rather get rid of Jamie than Brandon. In fact, he claims in an interview that "everything crystallized in front of [his] eyes" during the feast, and that he came to see that he won't respect himself if he takes Jamie very far into the game. One would like to think that Rafe will actually act on this, because any elimination that occurs at the height of someone's preening is a good elimination in my book.

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