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The Farmer And The Dull

Elsewhere, Judd and Steph have a talk with Bobby Jon about Jamie's cockiness. "Whatever," Bobby Jon says in frustration, undoubtedly thinking to himself that they're the ones who created this monster, not to mention that they're not that much better. "Give him a million dollars, you know?" Bobby Jon says curtly. Steph immediately says, "No." Judd and Steph agree with Bobby Jon, basically, that Jamie is being a dick and was a dick during the challenge, not that this fact was not discernible from space. In fact, Judd and Steph tell Bobby Jon that his reactions at the time were totally understandable. Bobby Jon gives an interview in which he surmises that Jamie has dug a hole so deep that he'll probably be booted tonight. Which...isn't what Judd and Steph said, at least not then. Bobby Jon also confides to us that he spent some time at the challenge wondering what it would be like to smash his pot over Jamie's head. Hmm, I think that's just what I would be wondering. Bobby Jon and I don't always think alike, but this time, we are of one mind.

Belligerent parrots.

Back at camp, Jamie tells Bobby Jon that he was just explaining to Brandon how Brandon, as the best athlete, will be going home next. Bobby Jon says that he doesn't do it that way: he "look[s] at people's character." Jamie wants to know whom Bobby Jon wants to send home. Bobby Jon doesn't answer. Jamie tries to goad Bobby Jon into answering by talking about the fact that it's Brandon going, so it doesn't really matter, but Bobby Jon works to resist the bait. Jamie is really apparently just shit-stirring, trying to get Bobby Jon to admit that he knows he's safe and Brandon is toast, a construct Bobby Jon is ignoring. Believe it or not, Jamie tries to pull a sort of morality play, telling Bobby Jon that Jamie has been honest with everybody, and that Bobby Jon won't even say who he wants to send home. I'd be interested to know where Jamie is getting his ethics, because they sure are bendy and would make great stocking stuffers. The entire time this conversation is ongoing, Brandon is standing there uncomfortably, listening to Bobby Jon try to avoid Jamie's asshole behavior, which isn't easy, because said asshole behavior is pretty impressively intrusive. There's talk from Jamie of how they're all farm boys and so forth, but I don't think either Bobby Jon or Brandon is interested in that association. The Drawling Farm Boys Association Of Guatemala, that is.

When Jamie has walked off, Bobby Jon says to an unhappy Brandon, "Umm...hey." Heh. And then, "He's probably going tonight," meaning Jamie. Brandon perks up and asks Bobby Jon what he means by that. Bobby Jon claims that "that's what Judd and Steph said, dude." Wow. Not that we saw. Maybe they said it some other time. Bobby Jon claims that he heard Rafe saying something about getting rid of Jamie, too. Brandon thinks about this for a minute, and asks, "Are you serious?" "Swear to God, dude," Bobby Jon says. Jeez, Bobby Jon, way to raise his hopes, there. Bobby Jon goes on to say that, indeed, he is basing his conclusion on the fact that Judd and Steph expressed displeasure with Jamie's behavior, which is...not the same thing as saying they're going to vote him out. I feel for Bobby Jon, because that there is some wishful thinking. Brandon tells Bobby Jon that this might actually happen -- after all, Nakum could afford to get rid of Jamie and still have the old Yaxha over a barrel. Bobby Jon repeats that Jamie doesn't "deserve to be here," which is sort of senseless when the topic is Survivor, as we've discussed many times, but Brandon is getting happy. He begins to think about what it will be like if he is, in fact, saved at the last minute. I hate to dwell on any one subject, but Bobby Jon is kind of doing to Brandon what the Green Bay Packers do to their fans pretty much every Sunday, which is creating false hope destined to make the ultimate heartbreak that much worse.

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