The Hidden Immunity Idol

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The Farmer And The Dull

Jeff asks Cindy how she bases her vote. She says that "morals and your heart" come into the decision for sure. Watch what she's about to do!

Now, Jeff says it's time to produce the idol if you've found it and you want to use it. But...nobody does. So only Gary is off-limits. Everybody else, you can vote for. Judd votes. Danni votes. Lydia votes. Jamie votes for Brandon, claiming to have "respect" for him. Rafe votes. Steph votes. Bobby Jon votes for Jamie, telling him that "part of southern pride is being a southern gentleman." Which Jamie apparently isn't, so he has to go. Brandon votes. Cindy votes.

Jeff goes off to tally. When he returns, he reads the votes. One for Brandon. Another for Brandon. One for Jamie. Another for Jamie. So it's 2-2. Another for Brandon. Another for Jamie. Another for Brandon. Another for Jamie. So we're at 4-4. The next is for Brandon. And...the last is for Brandon. Oh, Rafe and Cindy. You weenies. God. At any rate, Brandon addresses his beloved tribe on the way out, whispering to Danni as they hug, "You're the sister I never had." Aw! This sucks so bad. I really do not want to watch three more weeks of this in a row. Cindy looks miserable, as she should. Brandon's torch is snuffed, as Danni weeps a little. When Brandon's gone, Jeff announces that this is the final nine, and while two of them will be the final two, the other seven will make up the jury. So everything with these people from here on out will make a difference. Might be time to start restraining the asshole within.

In his farewell interview, Brandon congratulates himself for the way he played, and says he can walk away happy. Sigh. I think you seemed like a nice boy, Farmer Brandon.

Next week: Bobby Jon and Jamie still hate each other. Judd gets shitfaced and throws up in the shelter. All of a sudden, it's Survivor My College Dorm.

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