The Importance Of Being Eldest

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Thai Idol

John votes for Ghandia, whom he calls a "sweetheart" with a "killer smile." He thinks it's a tough game and wishes her "a great vacation." Helen votes for Clay, claiming it's a "financial move"; she thinks he's better off than the rest of them, and she's glad she got to know him. Jan votes for John, whom she thinks is an "awesome man." Still, there's tension, which will "zap [them] of [their] energy." We don't see any of the other votes before Peachy goes to tally. Votes read, final decision, leave immediately, blah. The first vote is for Ghandia, followed by a vote for Clay, causing Ghandia to visibly exhale with relief. The third vote is for John, who is so scarily waxen-looking. The remaining votes are for John as well. He manages to maintain a poker face as he brings Peachy his torch and then heads off past a giant, gold pillar. Jan snivels as Peachy says that it was obviously a tough decision, but that he hopes it's the beginning of a long journey. He releases them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor, Chuay Gahn plays golf, while Sook Jai argues. Then Helen and Jan get lost while canoeing.

As the credits roll, we see that the remaining members of Chuay Gahn voted for John. He claims the "distinguished honor" of being the first voted off, and admits to being surprised. He didn't think there were alliances, but realizes that there were; he just wasn't a part of them. He enjoyed the others, had a great time, God blesses them, and he'll see them at home. Thanks be to whatever God or lack thereof you celebrate -- one less potential proselytizer this season on Survivor!

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