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In an interview, John tells us he was surprised when it looked like they'd be divided by gender. He wonders how he'll "jive" with just all men in his group. Because he's such a charmer with the ladies? Peach reveals that Jake's tribe is named "Sook Jai," (meaning "happy heart") and Jan's is "Chuay Gahn" (meaning "to help one another"). In an interview, Ghandia tells us that an all-woman tribe would have totally "kick[ed] the men's ass." The men's giant, collective ass. She explains that women are more skilled at multi-tasking, pain management, and logic, and clearly she has a lot of faith in the abilities of her fellow female S8, since she personally demonstrates in this episode not one of those three attributes. Peachy snits that it's natural to assume they will be split by gender, but "that assumption, of course, would be wrong." Instead, he reveals that Jan and Jake will act as "tribe selectors" by each choosing the other members of his or her group. No one looks happy about this revelation.

Peachy explains that Jan and Jake will choose one at a time, alternating men and women, and will begin by selecting a member of the opposite sex. Jan gets to pick first, and in a weepy interview moans that she was scared because she's not a leader; being in the spotlight frightens her. She picks Ted, but she doesn't know his name. He seems bashful and sweet. As he picks Stephanie, Jake voices over that he felt put on the spot, but picked her because after looking at her eyes and her body (ew), it's clear that she's ready to "take on the world." ["It's true, though. Did you see the guns on her?" -- Wing Chun] Jan then picks Helen, and Jake picks Kenneth, the police officer. John tells us that it looked like a team of strong guys versus a "week, elderly lady," but it's hard to know what he's going by, since right now the tribal division is older Jan and a giant against older Jake and a strong, young woman. Seems pretty even to me...until John is picked by Jan. Jake calls Penny "Plano" as he picks her. Jan then selects Ghandia, who is very excited not to have been picked last. Jed tells us he was drawn to Jake's "demeanor" as he picked the younger, athletic competitors. His heart was pumping because he so badly wanted to be on that team, and he gets what he wanted: picked by Jake. Robb didn't want to be on the "little old lady's team" either, so he avoids making eye contact. He does so successfully, and as Jan selects Brian, she explains that she "has it easy." Either that's a very big slam on Robb or she knows Robb doesn't want to be picked. Or, she has no idea what she's talking about. Jake picks Shii Ann, and then Tanya tells us in an interview that around this time, she had a lot of anxiety because she didn't want to be picked last. Her anxieties are unfounded, though, as Jan picks her. Jake selects Robb, who jumps around and yells about love and being very happy. Peachy pronounces that "just like in fifth-grade dodgeball, somebody's gotta be last," as we see Jan pick Clay, who brought a golf club with him. In an interview, Clay tells us he's the smallest and the oldest, so he knew he'd be last. He also does not tell us that he recently took elocution lessons from Big Tom. Big-breasted Erin is amazed to have been picked last. She says it's "humbling," and that she "probably needed that experience." She doesn't say, "How could they have picked me last? I mean, did they even see my breasts?"

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