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Thai Idol

By this time, the members of Chuay Gahn have also spotted their beach. In an interview, Ghandia says she's excited to see their island for the first time as a tribe. Hugging is on their agenda, too. Brian tells us that they're all trying to enjoy themselves, but for him it's a "business trip." Where do used-car salesmen go on business trips, anyway? Conventions? And if so, what might such a convention be like? It's a good bit easier to deduce what porn stars do on business trips. Chuay Gahn cheers for itself as we go to commercial.

It's time for some all-new, still-tinkly background music. Chuay Gahn has discovered a natural cave on their beach. Ted -- an unlikely Martha Stewart -- proclaims it "a good thing, a very good thing." The cave reminds Clay of a four-star hotel, except for the bats. In an interview, Ted tells us that the first item on their agenda was to determine whether the caves were safe. Clay points out some suspect animal tracks while mumbling something indeterminate about them. Big Tom must have spit the marbles out of his own mouth directly into Clay's. Clay randomly leaps into Ted's arms; Ted catches him, but not particularly enthusiastically. Ghandia thinks the caves are a big advantage. Now Ted and Clay lay side by side; suddenly they roll toward each other and embrace. It's bizarre as it sounds, and I'm having flashes of John Coffey and Mr. Jingles from The Green Mile. I've never even seen that movie, but the image just seems right. The tribe gets excited over their newfound coconut supply, and we learn that Ted pronounces "saw" are "sore." The tribe happily discovers that the beach is rife with clams and crabs, and I'd be pretty psyched to have some clams and crabs for dinner tonight here in Baltimore, never mind stranded on an island somewhere. Jan tell us they were having a "ball," and the tribe marvels that food is so abundant that they're collecting "shellfish stuck on shellfish." Jan is very excited about their dinner, but no one has said anything about fire.

Back at Sook Jai, the tribe members get ready to go to the beach. As they frolic in the waves, Shii Ann thinks Stephanie is naked, but she's not; she's just wearing dark underpants. When Shii Ann exclaims, "Oh, my God. Are you naked?" Stephanie answers, "We should be!" and takes it all off. In an interview Stephanie is nonchalant about the nudity; then Shii Ann calls Stephanie "wild" and "crazy." Shii Ann says that everyone should skinny-dip at some point in his or her life, but promises, "You will not see my ta-tas." As a naked Stephanie and a clothed Shii Ann head off down the beach, Shii Ann assures Stephanie that she looks "good in the moonlight."

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