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Thai Idol

The members of Sook Jai have also located their well. Erin is excited to have "clear, clean drinking water," and Ken explains that the water is only a hundred yards away from their camp. We see the tribe working on the shelter, as Jake sprawls across it. Robb insists to the others that the shelter is going to be a success, while Jed watches in dismay. In an interview, he tells us that his tribe's priorities are out of whack, and that he has a different agenda: Priority #1: glorification of Jed. Priority #2: food. Priority #3: shelter. Jed body-surfs and attempts to catch fish as Robb tells us that Jed likes to do, "I guess, whatever he wants," and that he went on an unproductive fishing excursion while the tribe needed his strength for building the shelter. Except Robb doesn't use multi-syllabic words like "unproductive" and "excursion." Robb is sick of chopping wood, and Ken urges him to inspect Jed's unsullied hands, because they're so clean. Ken says that Jed looks like he's just washed his hands, which one would expect from someone who's been swimming. Ken chops and moans that his hands have been cut "for days," to which Jed responds, "Well, then, why do it?" Robb tells us that the tribe members are all going in different directions, but aren't producing anything. ["Whatever, Robb. 'Produce' me a gin and tonic." -- Wing Chun] Robb orders Shii Ann to start bringing fronds over, and Shii Ann answers that they need food just as much as they need shelter. Robb completely spazzes and orders her to look at his hands and compare them to her own. She argues that she was told to get food, but Robb still insists that they look at each other's hands. Robb has a hand fetish. When Shii Ann starts to walk away, Robb snipes, "That's my point, dude." His point being no point at all, as far as I can tell. Robb keeps going on about his hands, but Shii Ann's not on Survivor to get yelled at by him. Robb says, "I'm not yelling at you, sweetie," but he is. He then starts grilling her about how she slept the previous night, and before she can answer, he snarks, "Pretty good, huh? My point exactly. Walk away." This guy's like a Saturday Night Live character. He probably will be a Saturday Night Live character soon enough. ["Nah. He won't last that long." -- Wing Chun] So Shii Ann finally does walk away, and complains to Jed and Jake. In an interview, Shii Ann tells us, "He is messin' with the wrong girl. You do not mess with a she-devil and not get the horns, okay?" Hee. Jake tells Shii Devil that getting food was his decision, and Robb -- perhaps realizing he's made a big deal out of nothing -- comes over and calls it a stupid argument, in which case perhaps he shouldn't have started it. Jake tells Robb that he should have taken up the issue with Jake instead of with Shii Devil. Now the tribe members sit around in their rain gear, and Robb yodels that shelter is important. Shii Devil perches in a tree.

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